EURODESK MXA. Channel 8-Bus Recording/Live-Mixer. 32 Microphone /Line inputs, 24 mono and 4 stereo; Ultra-low noise, discrete microphone. See reviews and prices for the Behringer Eurodesk MXA, who is using it, how they are using it, and what they are saying about it on Equipboard. View and Download Behringer Eurodesk MXA user manual online. Professional channel 8-bus recording & live-mixing console in ultra low-noise .

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Originally posted on FutureProducers.

Behringer Eurodesk MX3282A User Manual

Mine is up for sale, no love lost there. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

So I recommend this table for those who have a very fair budget, attention to the effects of good effects to the same old SPX90Lexicon cheap on occasionespecially the special care the facade, in fact this is the problem.

The eq is also solid and contains a nice low frequency cut for the times that you need it. You have the option of doing monitor mixes or front of house mixes with the same desk, and if you are more electonic in your application for music, you can mix yourself on stage and send the monitor and foh desks as little 2 channels or as much 4 stereo by hard panning the 8 subs more if you are willing to give up aux sends as you’d like.

Probably the only feature i’d of liked to see would have been on solo’ing a bus would mute all other channels.

Log in Become a member. The only realy nice feature is the extra help offered in setting up patchbays for the desk of course recommending their patchbays for the job. There is no external option for a meter bridge, but the ability to see the signal in the main level led does a good job.


Sort by most recent most useful. That being said, there’s a lot of uerodesk out between the two especially if you’re in the shop comparison shopping. The effects are too overpowering even with the smallest amount of saturation. Do not push it too snore, I also aileur yet. Connections XLR, line jack, insert. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. With a facade that is not strong enough a problem.

C is the logical things. The manual is well written, but again, there isn’t a whole lot that one wouldn’t know if they could use an analog behrunger to begin with.

Having spent so much time away from a nice analog desk and working solely within the computer realm of Cubase, it’s nice to have physical control over the channels without the use of a mouse or an external control surface. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The EQ works ok and has quite a lot of range.

Request a new review. Instead, the main level leds show the solo’d signal level or the re-fader level it’s a toggle. Not satisfied with those reviews? You just have to do it one channel at a time.

Of course the fact that the power supply is external is md3282a but the conection, connecting power supply and console is not very well! For a start in the PA group I recommend this configuration, you will not be ridiculous, and especially you will train with the sound, full of micro eurodwsk of sound and plenty of grip. Write a user review Ask for a user review.


I believe, to the disappointment of some, since it’s behringuer, this console is very well in its category since I have behrknger a lot of concerts she did not disappoint. Our members also liked: Witout opening up the manual i was able to do everything with the desk. I’ve always found them to be nicer. It is true that we find little but a better price lev!

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This console is a quality very decent for the price what cost! Has a lot of features you’d expect from a 32 channel 8 bus analog console. Did you find this review helpful? Nobs and faders and crap effects any one could use it with an IQ above 3. Just more channel strips, and a couple extra bells and whistles. Mute on eurodfsk channels. I’m of the camp that for the most part the behringer’s are quieter. I also like the fact that channels are in stereo pairs as this opens up the ability to route additional aux sends back into the board on their own channels if it’s desired.

Half the people will tell you the Behringers are quieter, the other half says the Mackies are quieter. All around if you are looking for an affordable 32 channel 8 bus console bhringer aren’t looking to spend the behriner on a mackie, behringer probably makes the board you need.