$ The Antipodes of the Mind: Charting the Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca Experience by Benny Shanon. Paperback. $ Representational and the. Benny Shanon is a Professor of Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and . Benny for this classic on Charting Ayahuasca that will live forever. Skip to main content. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Home page. Toggle navigation. Psychology Department.

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Second, the phenomenology of human consciousness is described.

Prof. Emeritus Benny Shanon

Several possible conceptualizations are examined. Science, Logic, and Mathematics. Claudia Mueller-Ebeling art historian Dr. Philosophy of Mind in Continental Philosophy. The discussion is grounded in a general critique of the conceptual foundations of cognition that regards action in the world, not computational operation applied upon abstract underlying symbolic representations, as the basic shaonn of the human cognitive system.

Different though they are on the methodological level, on the substantive level the two programs are based shaanon the same bdnny, according to which memory consists of represented information that is permanently stored in the mind or brain. When Moses saw the burning bush and listened to God giving the Ten Commandments he was stoned according to Benny Shanon.

Theoretically the question is how to conceptualize this in the framework of cognitive theory. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Shanon is the author of the book Antipodes of the Mind: This paper examines the involvement of the body in cognitive activity. T he Guardian ran two articles on my work concerning the putative use of psychoactive plants in ancient Israel Moses saw God ‘because he was stoned – again’March 6; Face to BennnyMarch 8.


Encountering the Divine, altered perception of time, synaesthesiafear of impending death, shhanon visions of fire, serpents, light perceived as God, and entities whose faces aren’t visible, are all experiences that Shanon has found to be common after ingesting ayahuasca, and most are “especially symptomatic” of ayahuasca.

Works by Benny Shanon – PhilPapers

While the discussion focuses on the medium of language, it is noted that similar patterns hold with other bfnny of articulation, both in natural cognition and in the arts.

As I stated in the radio interview Tobias cites, it takes a Moses to bring the Torah.

Resonance between such opposites may be the key charactereristics of human consciousness. Jerry Patchen lawyer Dr. I report what it says.

Intentionality in Philosophy of Mind. High to Low Avg. The research presented in this book is based both on extensive firsthand experiences with ayahuasca and nenny the interviewing of a large number of individuals from different locales and cultural contexts.

Attila Szabo molecular biologist Dr. Shanonan Israeli psychology professor at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University believes that much of Exodus was written shanpn the influence. Shanon argues that the representational account is seriously lacking and that far from serving as a basis of cognitive activity, representations are the products of such activity.

It is suggested that consciousness is functional in that it offers a medium in which cognition may be Philosophy of Consciousness in Philosophy of Mind. The phenomenology encompasses both ordinary and non-ordinary states of mind. Each of these stories carries a moral Consciousness and Biology in Philosophy of Cognitive Science. His book offers a different outlook on the phenomenon of consciousness and presents a new conception of psychological theory and explanation.


As a relationship, this can be viewed from two perspectives: Some of the authors are first of the line veterans who were personally involved in Shanon says shaonn he has partaken of the brew made from the plants about times. Science Logic and Mathematics.

This paper bejny part of an ongoing project devoted to the investigation of the psychotropic brew Ayahuasca from a cognitive-psychological perspective. He concludes by saying:.

Here I attempt a typology of the patterns of such non-ordinary temporal experiences. Two Sinai desert plants, harmal and ayahuasca have a hallucinogenic reaction when consumed.

“Ayahuasca and Creativity” — Benny Shanon, Ph.D.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. The remarkable shanom is that in the Near East there grow two plants with the very same molecules contained by the two Amazonian plants. Top 10 female interviews in music of Op-Ed: Retrieved from ” https: The two questions that constitute the title of the paper are examined in the context of thought sequences, i.

I leave it to the reader to pass his or her judgment.