The methane and carbon dioxide contents of the generated biogas Pema nfaatan Rumput Laut Sebagai Bahan Baku Produksi Gas Metana. Evaluasi Mutu dan Penanganan Pascapanen Rumput Laut Eucheuma Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Waste to Improve Bioethanol and Biogas Production. Phytoremediation is the utilization of green plants to remove pollutants from the environment. A central component of this technology is the use of plants as living .

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Relationship between Ulva sp.

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Typical HHV of common fuels compared with that of the produced biogas from U. Further, the higher content of bacteria than substrate, the faster biodegradation will occur.

Some authors also reported that methane yield of biogas from Ulva sp. The Biomass was sun dried after cleaned from sands and the dried biomass was then placed in plastic bag and stored at room temperature. Indonesia has a large number of marine biodiversity including seaweeds.

The AB process dagi each feedstock was also studied by measuring chemical oxygen demand COD of the slurry in the digester and all of fumput are sampled triplicate.


It may be caused by the high of sulfur content in U. Therefore, further research to find optimum operating condition of the mini-pilot digester is needed in order to put this potential into reality.

Studies of Biogas Production from Green Seaweeds –

This research was conducted in June-September The digester modification for biogas production from Jun 3, – Tesis. With the promising results, further research and development works, especially to find optimum operating condition of the mini-pilot digester is needed. The higher ISR will increase the yields of methane in biogas while carbon dioxide gas decreasing.

Considering the abundant biomass of U. The experimental results rumpu that high methane bioggas was occurred when feed was added every 3 days and low methane productivity when feed was added daily.

Materials and Methods U.

Studies of Biogas Production from Green Seaweeds

Flammability test of biogas produced from biomass U. The mini-pilot scale experiment shows that the volume of biogas from the green seaweed feedstock is about 4.

The gas was flammable and has calculated high heating value HHV Biochemical composition of some red and green seaweeds from.

The steep decrease sari COD value is shown for Ulva lwut, especially after three weeks of anaerobic biodegradation. Acclimatization can influence the activity of methanogenic bacteria toward a wide variety of potentially inhibitory substance. Acclimatization of Inoculums Concentration of CH4 as well as CO2 increased smoothly until 14 days which is only cow manure that added in digester as shown in Fig. Biogas Production from Biological Sludge Sludge? Further, total nitrogen N was analysed using Kjeldahl method.


Biogas production from microalgae grown in wastewater. Effect of ISR towards productivity of methane acarbon dioxide b and hydrogen c in biogas from U. The biogas generated was measured daily to study the biodegradability of the biomass and further, chemically oxygen demand COD of the slurry was measured.

Energy production from biomass Part 1: However, Raposo et al. Furthermore, total N that resulted was low 1. Concentrations of these components were changed after biiogas of seaweeds added into initial inoculums. Production of nopal-based biogas. This biomass was considered as one of a potential aquatic energy crops Bruhn et al. Volume and composition of biogas were measured daily.