A few months ago I revamped my old project about converting the whole wiki manual to PDF format (& others) for version +. Most people. 52 Blender is a full-featured tool 52 Video: From Blender to wiki PDF Manual conversion by Marco Ardito -^Blender a Tub*. name: Blender; version: ; description: 3D animation suite; url: http://www. ; license blender/ (default): All versions available for blender.

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At the time, this was a revolutionary concept blenedr most commercial 3D applications cost thousands of dollars. Blender was a hit and its huge potential confirmed!

Animation The new Dependency Graph has landed! Many new perhaps minor useful features: Improved bridge tool to bridge multiple loops at once, subdivision, surface blending and bridging face regions. New in Blender 2. Smoke has improved rendering quality avoid blockiness, and subframe simulation support to handle fast moving emitters. In JulyTon managed to get the NaN investors to agree to a unique Blender Foundation plan to attempt to release Blender as open source.

In addition to the new features, over bugs that existed in previous releases have been fixed. Freestyle NPR rendering is now available with Cycles as well. This version of Blender added the integration of a game engine to the 3D application. Lots of fixes, and some game engine features. By the end ofthe number of users registered on the NaN website surpassedFor a visual demonstration of some of the new features in this release, check out the feature videos created during the development of this release.

Blender Foundation welcomes recurring donations to the Development Fundwhich enables coders from the community to work for a set period of time on specific objectives. Preview release of the 2. Here you will also find the Developer Sneak Peak series — a video podcast series that showcases important milestones in the development of every Blender release.


sami :: Blender manual

Free to use for any purpose. Bug fixes In addition to the new features, over bugs blnder existed in previous releases have been fixed.

Get Latest Blender Old version 2. Import now supports armatures, shapekeys, animations, with shapekeys also being supported for export.

Get Latest Blender Old version 2. Within NeoGeo Ton was responsible for both art direction and internal software development.

Bllender the summer ofBlender 2. New boender improved modeling tools, three new Cycles nodes, big improvements in the motion tracker, Python scripts and drivers are disabled by default when loading files for security reasons, and over bug fixes.

Another version full of improvements: Smoke rendering quality has been improved to reduce blockiness. Modeling A new Corrective Smooth modifier for smoothing deformed areas Decimate modifier was improved Great performance boost for Metaball calculations Tools: New engine, physics, and Python. Transformation tools and widgets, softbodies, force fields, deflections, incremental subdivision surfaces, transparent shadows, and multi-threaded rendering.

The Freestyle line rendering engine has been integrated also into Cycles, with most options working in the same way as with BI renderer, and a couple of shader nodes have been added. Physics Smoke manusl improved rendering quality avoid blockiness, and subframe simulation support to handle fast moving emitters. For Modeling, a new intersection tool has been added in Edit Mode. Ability to display font previews The size for thumbnails can now be changed Other: Sun and Linux Alpha version majual.

Several improvements also about Volume rendering, Shading and general performance.

The nodes release, array modifier, vector blur, new physics engine, rendering, lip sync, and many other features. The big news, in addition to two new modifiers and re-awakening the bit OS support, was the addition of subsurface scattering, which simulates light scattering beneath the surface of organic 2.68 soft objects. A stabilization version, much work behind the scene, normal and displacement mapping improvements.

Modeling Improved bridge tool to bridge multiple loops at once, subdivision, surface blending and bridging face regions. Usability Improved weight painting tools, mask modifier for sequencer strips, 2D image paint more consistent with 3D painting, better key shortcuts display, quick enabling and disabling of multiple layers or visibility, auto indent for multi-line Python statements. A Quick Smoke node setup maunal now available. This over-extension resulted in restarting NaN with new investor funding and a smaller company in April Fire and smoke improvements, anisotropic shader for Cycles, modifier improvements, bevel tool now includes rounding, new add-ons, 2.6 over bug fixes.


Blender is Free Software.

Multi-View and Stereo 3D Real-time visualization of stereoscopic effect Viewport feedback of stereoscopy cameras, convergence and volumes Camera stereo settings pivot, convergence, … Render of multiple views Integration with Compositor and Video Sequencer. Mask editor, improved motion tracker, OpenColorIO, Cycles improvements, sequencer improvements, better mesh tools Inset and Bevel were improvednew keying nodes, sculpt masking, Collada improvements, new skin modifier, new compositing blsnder backend, and many bugs were fixed.

Since restarting a maanual with a sufficiently large team of developers was not feasible, Ton Roosendaal founded the non-profit organization Blender Foundation in March The Carve library was added to improve boolean operations, support for object tracking was added, the Remesh modifier was added, many improvements in the GE, matrices and vectors in the Python API were improved, new add-ons, blemder many bug fixes.

Full rework of armature system, shape keys, fur with particles, fluids, manula rigid bodies. Multi-resolution meshes, multi-layer UV textures, multi-layer images and multi-pass rendering and baking, sculpting, retopology, multiple additional mattes, distort and filter nodes, modeling and animation improvements, better painting with multiple brushes, fluid particles, proxy objects, sequencer rewrite, and post-production UV texturing.