Patrick Kelly’s (pages 6 – 49). Bob Boyce Catalytic H20 Sealed Series Cell Design. Cell Box with Toroid and controller. High-Voltage Series Cells. BOB BOYCE, Hydroxy Adventurer:: page 10 to 29from ” available at Bob Boyce has earned, and is deserving of everything that comes his way. Yes Bob the D9 document implies that you were able to produce.

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The primary of the transformer is 3-phase, while the secondary is single-phase. He boycce used some diodes to convert the output of the inverted from Alternating Current to Direct Current pulses of about Volts. The output from each ascillator can be switched dd9 or out of the final waveform: The engine was a chrysler CID slant six inline 6 cylinder lean burn system with a carb and a distributor type ignition. Have a good day.

Bob Boyce Electrolyser :: Water as fuel

This is likely to be the source of information for the majority of us. Mostly I’m drawing about 20 amps. I see this vagueness as a way to set the builder up for a ruinous mistake we told you not to build it! This product was added to our catalog on Friday 12 February, Michael Farady investigated electrolysis and established the facts and figures for straight DC electrolysis bboyce water.

Misinformation about the circuit 5. On the rxresearch site, another set of articles is available. This had two effects. Allow 2 weeks to ship, authorization of Credit card first, then your account is charged on day of shipment. Hopefully they will come over to the “Light”.


BOB BOYCE new small cell 8 LPM

And an alternative view of the component layout is: Sep 16, 6. I wanted to know what it did and I think you asked me what it was.

Use a tooth pic to apply voyce liquid soldering flux or get a flux pen. The FACTs not just claims are verifiable, simply purchase the system. Using any other electrolyte and the same current in the cell will result in the same volume of gas produced in the same amount of time.

“Free Energy” scams discussed

Do you have to add koh after filling the unit for first time? Also R7, R8 and R9 are not necessary and can be replace with a wire jumper. Stan Meyer used a torroidal ferrite ring for his transformer. Electrolysis requires a current and a voltage in order to separate the hydrogen and oxygen. Only 2 left in stock, Ed Holdgate is retiring and will not be making any more.

So, please note that Bob publicly disclosed this information early in and any subsequent patent of it will be wholly ineffective as it cannot be enforced due to booyce public disclosure. All part of the process, the instructions shows you how.

How does it extract this energy from the envoronment while in isolation? Do you already have an account?

This is done by adding small amounts of the potassium hydroxide to water held in a container. No matter what you do, the device will not work.

Water as FUEL

Powered by Zen Cart. Sorry the box is no longer available.

Every winding is created in this way and the quality of workmanship is very important indeed when making these windings. Was very interesting and boyxe.

Transformer tells us that transformers are AC devices. He goes on to state that “just about any frequency between 9 KHz andKHz works quite well. This cell kit comes with the 2 end plates welded and bolted in electrode terminals. The system comes with everything except the large battery cable to hook it up. I’m just trying to bboyce others about what’s going on.


These wires should be insulated to make sure that they do not short-circuit to either or both of the plates on each side of them. Also, you said that you make only one dealership per country for now, how long do you promise not to get other dealers here? Frequencies from 9 KHz toAs this process continues, the boiling action will loosen particles from the pores and surfaces of the metal.

This is a long task, but it is vital that it is not skimped or hurried in any way. Even more important is not to arrange a pulsed, rotating magnetic field in the toroid by sequential pulsing of coils spaced around the toroid. The inverter has to use a bit more power to produce the higher voltage than it can deliver at that high voltage to the load.

Have you corrected your quality problems and again sell that kind of product you advertise on your website? You will notice that Bob has wrapped the toroid in tape before starting the secondary winding: One is located close to the electrolyzer and the other close to the engine.