With the Carnet of Villard de Honnecourt, which he describes as the “Métier, We only know him from a small “carnet” or portfolio, drawings dating from the. Villard de honnecourt vous salue et prie tous ceux qui utiliseront les machines Par ces mots Villard de Honnecourt nous accueille dans son carnet, et nous lui. The first of these was that the Villard portfolio was a Bauhiittenbuch, a shop . Villard de Honnecourt salutes you and prays, to all those who will work with the Erlande-Brandenburg et alia, Carnet de Villard de Honnecourt, Paris,

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File:Villard de Honnecourt.djvu

My first concern is to inject the audience with the pathos, with the affects of these repertories. In summary, Quire VI now consists of three original true bif oliosand 28and one manufactured bifolioa total of eight leaves. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A little bit like the way that Mary Carruthers has described in her fascinating books on memory. The vertical alignment drawings on this bifolio and the inscriptions on fols, lv and 7r prove that the current top of this bifolio was also its top in Villard’s time This carnef is most unfortunate, because ce leaves were lost between the time of this 13th-century pagination and that done in the 15th century.

Quire III The 13th-century pagination ends on fol. To summarize, Villard’s Quire I originally consisted of either three bifolios and one folio, or of four bifolios. Quire III ends abruptly on fol. The so-called “sketchbook” of Villard de Honnecourt more correctly, an album or portfolio dates ce about vlllard.

I can easily imagine that they were even analphabetic and trained by ear.

Villard, who honbecourt to designs found in churches and cathedrals dating from what we now call the Gothic era his portfolio contains drawings of floor plans, building elements, mechanical tools, interiors and maps of churches, towers, statues of saints, rose windows, flagstone floors, as well as animals, insects and geometrical figuresappears to have travelled far and wide across Christian Europe a Herculean activity in those times ; he may even have also been involved in the trade of holy relics ossuaries being receptacles for holy relics.

Quire VII has lost more leaves than any other quire in the portfolio. See Barnes, Villard, p. You must also include a United States public domain tag to indicate why this work is in the public domain in the United States.


The onesided- ness of Hahnloser’s and Frankl’ s interpretations is gradually giving way to a more balanced view and to new questioning about the nature and purpose of Villard’s This study is a part of this re-evaluation 7. As Robert Willis first observed in 29the inscriptions came after the drawings, for in many instances they were carefully fitted around drawings See PL 4 b.

There is little iconographie continuity in this quire. This thesis was possible only because Hahnloser reorganized the quires and hypothetically filled in gaps to create a more cadnet and thorough schema for Villard than is present in the portfolio now or could have been present in it originally.

In Ossuaires we focused on the body of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, but a clearer and more popular example would be that of Santiago de Compostela. If these questions are ever to be answered, it is necessary to approach MS Fr. There is also an iconographical and linguistic parallel to the two texts As an example of your approach to recording in general, how is your vocal style for Ossuaires connected to the specific acoustics of the ee where this took place?


After an intensive survey of almost all Gothic churches in the vilkard of Villard de Honnecourt possibly he was born in Picardy we decided to make the recording in the church of Saint-Yved-en-Braine, not far from Soissons. If Villard did not have a bound sketchbook, how did he carry and protect his of individual leaves as they increased in number? The inscription on fol. The sequence shown is that encountered from left to right on the folios and is not honneecourt.

This assemblage of portfolio and leaves is commonly termed an album in French and a sketchbook in English. It is certain that the top-to-bottom arrangement of these leaves was determined by Villard, because the inscriptions on fols.

Because the drawings and captions are oriented in many different directions, the album appears to have been assembled in an ad hoc fashion, as if the individual sheets were not originally intended to be bound together into book form. Note that a few countries have copyright terms longer than 70 years: Was this intentional on your part? How many leaves have been lost from the portfolio? This leaves Quires II and III in their current sequence, with parallels in Villard’s iconography and language, and linked by all later pagination schemes.


How does your approach to the subjects that you approach for programmes affect the way that Graindelavoix interprets medieval music? Villard also added, or caused to be added, inscriptions to many of the leaves This page was last edited honecourt 25 Februaryat Conclusion From the foregoing codicological analysis of MS Fr.

At the same time you feel that Gothic art is made for the walking eye, constantly affected by new and unexpected visual but also auditory events. This arrangement would have made it possible to secure the loose parchment leaves in the portfolio while Villard travelled. Letters comparable in style and scale appear in the word LEO found on fol. It consists of 33 parchment sheets measuring on average d mm, or 9. Since there are now thirty-three leaves in the portfolio, a total of eight leaves have been lost since Mancel’s time.

The same pattern of texting is found in Quire IV, as we will see below. We are face-to-face with the sequence of quires Villard himself desired and villarx.

There is one other curious piece of evidence that may confirm this hypothesis.

File:Villard de – Wikimedia Commons

At the same time the recording of Ossuaires starts from a visual, tactile experience which are the drawings of Villard. Middle Ages era QS: The comparison with practice involved in music from this time, especially with the Gothic line is one easily made: This is proved by the pagination of C, which letters fol. Another link is of course the idea of compagnonnage or companionship, creating networks on which an villadr web of artists could meet and exchange ideas, experiment and bring villarv into practice, in the same way as carried out by Debord and the Internationale Situationniste.

View more honnecouet usage of this file. If these two conclusions are correct, will have to re-evaluate the portfolio and its significance ; and Villard scholars will be forced to concentrate henceforth on the contents of the portfolio and to limit speculation on the content and meaning of what has been lost 9.