Certificate of Registration for Personal Effects Taken Abroad Purpose & Use (U.S. Customs only) Note That The CBP Is Not Accepted In Foreign Countries. Customs Deceleration Form will provide you with proof for the customs agent that you bought your items in the States so that you do not have to pay duty or. Clarifications regarding the US Customs form were submitted to the Central Firearms Register and Commander of the South African.

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I would hate to see someone get to Africa and have to leave their firearms at the airport. Cut the expiration date off the edge. I’m inclined to leave things as they are and let Henry’s team take care of it on their end. Using it 4475, other countries balk. May 7, Messages: And roll with it when it does. Oct 14, Messages: Is this the one, expiration Aug 31, ?

Philip Glass likes this. I thought this was odd because I was told by the agent in Atlanta in that they never expire.

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I went in November of When I asked for a newer one the agent replied he didn’t have a newer cbbp and suggested that I look on line.


Maybe he can chime in on this thread. Your name or email address: Thanks for the reminder! ArmyGruntedward and Velo Dog like this.

To my knowledge, the only form that had a expiration date was the form printed off the website. There is an earlier thread when this all came to light the first time. Check your forms folks. You must log in or sign up to reply xbp. RogerHeintzmanFeb 22, I went back to the same office today and they handed me another form to fill out and it had the same date on it.

Heads up on your form 4457

Shootist43Feb 21, No expiration noted, no problem. Log in or Sign up. Mar 4, Messages: Royal27Feb 20, If you don’t already know 457, expect everything to go wrong even though you and your docs are perfect. I was told by customs they never expire then i heard that some customs border people were being special and saying no that form has expired so I just printed out cgp form online correct size, as the office by me didnt have new form took my guns over and had them issue me new formsemailed new ones to riflepermit service and all seems good.


Has anyone actually had problems with this at the SA airport?

CBP Form | ATA Carnet

May 27, Messages: My form showed an expiration of and I had no problems. Last edited by a moderator: Aug 5, Messages: Customs not more than 6 months prior to the date of arrival.

Central Minnesota Member of: No, create an account now. Jun 9, Messages: ActionBobFeb 20, That may have cnp now. GA HunterFeb 21, CatahoulaFeb 22, Philip Glass and Royal27 like this. Aberdeen, South Dakota Member of: By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

CBP Form 4457

I’ve already sent him my paperwork for this trip and he replied that everything was in order. The original poster said that his outfitter said it was expired.

But I, like many others here have been given an awful lot of grief in SA for some ridiculous i not being dotted or t not ccbp crossed with varying degrees of suffrage. By the way the expiration date was Everything was pre approved and I was not asked to show my original GA HunterFeb 20, Share This Page Tweet.