With this latest revision, our main priority was to resolve unclear or incomplete areas of the CCXML specification. During this process several sections of the. The CCXML specification defines both a state machine and event handing syntax and a standardized set of call control elements. This tutorial implements the CCXML specification that was used for the CCXML is a new language, so new that the W3C specification has not.

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This scheme applies recursively; using ” a.

Call Control eXtensible Markup Language – Wikipedia

The maxage attribute is optional. This event does not change the state of the call; a CCXML application might well try to redirect to an alternate number, or perform some other action.

Unlike other events, the ccxml. This can be achieved by declaring an xmlns attribute or an attribute with an ” xmlns ” prefix. The id of a params element containing the set of expected CGI parameters. Variable values are passed in string form; the dcxml of ECMAScript objects is not currently defined.

A tutorial on Call Control XML and voice browser call control

Modifications to the test infrastructure should require a change to the XSLT template only followed by re-transformation of the test source. The first partition in document order with a cond that evaluates to true is selected. The platform is not required to generate the connection. A conference object is created at the beginning of the conference and is destroyed when all the participants have hung up.

This element instructs the implementation to allocate a Conference Object using the specified options. If the dialog was being connected to a conference the value must be undefined.

These events arrive from outside the program itself – either the underlying telephony platform, or from other sources of events. The evaluation of ‘session. Properties that are not indicated as required only appear on an instance of the Connection object if they have a value.


The following values can be used: Multimodal applications can overcome some of the limitations of a single mode application GUI or voicethereby enhancing a user’s experience by allowing the user to interact using multiple modes speech, pen, keyboard, etc.

It is up to the target to generate events specific to the message. An object which provides additional platform or protocol dependent information. Events are queued on a first-in, first-out FIFO basis, except where specific exceptions are noted in the specification for certain events.

Acme Labs used it to make waffles, to transcribe specifiation calls, to chase ccmxl, and to straighten the Tower of Pisa. A description of the reason the dialog had an error. The timeout attribute is optional. The expected value of the header. Indicates the new value of the variable. Variables defined in the ccxml scope are initialized in document order when the document is loaded. A conference identifier must be globally unique, so that conferences can be uniquely addressed and possibly connected to.

Voice Browser Call Control: CCXML Version 1.0 Publication History

Sspecification, the VoiceXML dialog can interact with the user, undisturbed by the incoming flow. The Test Type column indicates whether or not the associated test requires an adaptation to the testing environment. As both SIP and CCXML technologies are finding rapid adoption by carriers, enterprises, and consumers, many in the industry have wondered how these technologies work together in next generation telephony deployments.

The following table lists the values of each index in the array of Connection states.

The exiting document will be identified on the exit event by its session Specificatino. A connection is typically shorter than a session. If the conference mixer is unable to reserve this many listener slots, the createconference must fail with a error. The fetch must fail if not completed at the end of this interval. A disconnection sspecification code. The scope in which the variable is defined must be determined from the position in the document at which the variable is defined.


Variables specificatikn in the ccxml scope are visible only within that document in which they are declared. The Voice Browser Working Group would like to acknowledge cfxml contributions of several individuals for authoring and reviewing assertions and for working on the test suite development. If this attribute is specified, its value must be used by the response to designate the next document to be visited. Several elements within this specification define a hints attribute.

A failed fetch will return the error. Other, non-IRCGI, server-side programs that may be needed are also located in the “cgi-bin” directory. At runtime, the CGI detects the special variable and replaces it with the server-calculated number of seconds since ‘the epoch’.

The revised target date for entering Proposed Recommendation is 3 August A conference identifier must be globally unique, so that conferences can be uniquely addressed and possibly connected to.

If parameter “p1” has the value “42” and if parameter “p2” has the value “quiche”, the next document is ” pass. A string in CSS2 format that specifies the maximum amount of time the transfer may stay connected. The application answers an incoming phone call and then connects it to a VoiceXML dialog that returns a value that is then logged to the platform Example2.