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We have spent hundreds of hours Her highly skilled mouth, tongue, and tied hands delight my girlfriends, and they enjoy dildoing her. Now, I liked women for their looks but I really liked my cock sucked and liked anal sex.

My cock was locked in a FL4A Frenum chastity, with studs and a leash ring for leading me around and attaching me to things. At the time I thought it interesting that some women turned their boyfriends and husband into she- male slaves, taking possession of all their assets, having the sissy serve the wife as well their new lover.

When not whipping her I kept her in a corset, which helped to round out her body. Averange visitor spends at least 10 minutes per day browsing and watching our free tranny porn videos collection.

He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, instead of his usual suit, and he had bleached his black hair blonde. Do you think you can beat this record? Removing her gag I enslqved him to lick me clean.


But I patiendy explained that sissies need to be kept on a leash to keep them docile until they’re obedient and house broken. The couple sissj laughed as he stood there looking ridiculous, although the guy looked at me like enslavsd was interested. I continued the feminizing creams and pills and also took lessons in how to talk and behave like a woman. So cebturian can imagine his dismay when presented with his new bike.

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[PDF] Centurian-Enslaved Sissy Maid Vol08 – Free Download PDF

All our items that really work. I was surprised to find him busy mopping the floor when I returned home, the clothes folded and he had dinner cooking on the stove. She became noticeably more submissive, meek and timid. This cannot only be difficult to do but embarrassing as well! Sincerely, Barbara Roberts RO. I get so aroused I join in with my dildo and screw diem both.

So what better to do than turn a simple crossdresser into a beautiful woman with a perfect ass. There’s only 20 pair of shoes and six pairs of boots, and you’ve had all day in the closet.

Enslaved Sissy Maid

We saw each other almost constantly after work, and I helped him get the continued on page 30 28 Dear Enslaved: Which was a lie, as her makeup and lips had been tattooed on. And if you feel a pinch on your bottom remember to politely thank the person for their nice compliment.


Then I was dumped to the floor on my aching butt, tied in a ball, and fucked with a huge rubber dildo that I was made to lubricate first with my mouth. The sleeping powder in the pie had worked great. Then check out black tranny domination videos, raw cebturian anal compilations or extreme ensllaved fisting clips and you won’t be dissapointed. I had an old boyfriend come over. And since she would have plenty of time on her hands she would be expected to do all the housework.

Soon we took a small house together and I convinced him to quit his job and become my sissy sex slave maid. The roundness where you should be?

At first he enjoyed dressing and playing as my maid but when I told him to throw out all his masculine clothes he started arguing so I locked him in a Parrot cage I bought and had hidden in the garage.

Hours spent learning to apply makeup, style her hair, learning how to walk, sit stand and speak in a feminine voice. Thank you for great publications. Best of all, Karen enjoys both of us on her at the same time.

Then he pulled out.