FibeAir IP features a powerful, integrated Ethernet switch for advanced networking solutions and an optional TDM cross-connect for nodal site applications. Tx Range (Manual/ATPC). 20dB dynamic range. System Specifications. FibeAirĀ® IP Technical. Introducing FibeAir IP FibeAir IP is Ceragon’s next. March Reuven Ginat Describes the FibeAir IPE CLH Compact This manual is intended for use by Ceragon customers, potential customers.

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This sway brace should not be mounted to the same pole as the antenna, but should be installed directly back to the tower or an alternative point. To perform the operations in this guide, you should log in as follows:.

Verify connectivity to IDU ping The innovative IP10 was designed as a native Ethernet microwave radio platform that can integrate smoothly in any network, while providing a broad range of software-configurable licensed channel schemes. The following interface terms should be noted: Note about Heat Dissipation: Ceragon Proprietary and Confidential. Power-Supply is properly grounded DC power backup type: The purpose of this procedure is to verify correct installation and operation of the installed link and the interoperability with customer end equipment.

The cable should have a maximum attenuation of 30 dB at MHz.

As shown in the illustration above, the protection panel in the middle provides the ports used to link the two IP units for protection switching when a system fault occurs. Remove the sticker from the RFU-C antenna interface. Remote mount kit is securely mounted to the pole Waveguide has no physical damage and connectors are sealed All waveguide bolts are secured using washers and lockwashers, as appropriate Flexible waveguide is secured to the pole 6.

  IEC 62264 PDF

Typical labeling requirements include: Compatible with shielded and unshielded twisted pair category 5 cables. The site should be accessible to certified personnel only. Help Center Find new research papers in: Go to Ceragn management Parameters: The intra-building port s of the equipment or subassembly is suitable for connection to intra-building or exposed wiring or cabling only.

The stud must be installed using a UL-listed ring tongue terminal, and two star washers for anti-rotation. Commissioning TestsThe following tests should be performed on each installed link. You may use the Demo license 60 days to have full capacity and feature-set. Machine noise information order – 3. A pole that is not perpendicular may cause ceragoh during antenna alignment. Spread grease on the O-ring supplied with the flexible waveguide.

All equipment in the immediate vicinity shall be grounded the same way, and shall not be grounded elsewhere. As shown in the illustration, four screws, supplied with the installation kit, are used to secure the IDU to the rack.

Ceragon IP-10 IDU CLI Commands List

Verify no alarms exist. For example, the prompt for a unit located in slot. FibeAir provides a ground for each IDU, via a one-hole mounted lug onto a single-point stud. Versuchen Sie nicht, den Laser-Antriebsstrom zu regulieren.

This equipment is designed to permit connection between the earthed conductor of ceragob DC supply circuit and the earthing conductor at the equipment. Copyright by Ceragon Networks Ltd. Launching Web Management 1.

Ceragon IP IDU CLI Commands List | Nokia BSC, MSC, HLR Commands

Remove the sticker from both RFU-C antenna interfaces. All operators and site owners have specific requirements regarding the grounding of installations.


If the management station is located at a remote site Network Operation Centerverify that the management station can manage the link and receive traps.

After connecting test equipment or end equipment to the line interfaces, all LEDs on the front panel of the IDM are green. The prompt will change according to the relevant slot ID.

Display posts from previous: The Software Management screen will be displayed: This document contains information that is proprietary to Ceragon Networks Ltd.

Mark the drawers respectively. Typical labeling requirements include: Download zipped SW package for example, aidu Easily accessible, but only by authorized personnel. Insert four screws and washers, and tighten them. Mounting Pole is of sufficient height, and is cwragon positioned, so as not to cause a safety hazard. Make sure that the inner pin of the connector does not exceed the edge of the manuap.

Power down each of the drawers and verify that the other link is operating. Other antenna types using the flanges listed in the table below may be used. With its Native2 capability for optimal traffic delivery, and modular architecture for all sites Tail, Chain, Agg3, Agg2this state-of-the-art radio platform offers the best approach to IP migration for advanced networks.