Editorial Reviews. Review. “A book by Christina Dodd is like a glass of champagne From New York Times bestseller Christina Dodd comes MY FAIR TEMPTRESS, Book #8 of her most popular historical series, The Governess Brides!. My Fair Temptress (Governess Brides, Book 7) [Christina Dodd] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An accomplished flirt and ruined. I have enjoyed Christina Dodd’s work in the past – Candle in the to find that My Fair Temptress is not a rewrite of My Fair Lady, though it does.

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How to Marry a Royal Highlander. She is kind and generous and more than a little too trusting. Actually, one of hemptress better parts of the book was the ending, which made me want to read the next in the series.

It started out very slow and I didn’t care for any of the characters. March 17, Imprint: Hi and thanks for visiting!

His ruse, while providing many comic moments, has lasted several months and christia a singularly ineffective way to gather information. Continuing her series within the Distinguished Academy of Governesses theme, Ms.

Its part of a series but I won’t be reading them. Dodd’s writing never disappoints. Adorna led the way to the chairs by the fire. To Love A Highlander.

My Fair Temptress Book Summary and Study Guide

Cheryl Sneed Review Date: The title should be at least 4 characters long. Yule Tidings — Great Reads for December! Maybe the bad guys could just really have been The review of this Book prepared by Marilyn Rondeau.


The Duke of Nevette needed someone to teach his foppish son, Lord Huntington, how to behave and attract a bride instead of chasing them away with his ridiculous behavior.

MY FAIR TEMPTRESS: Governess Brides #8

Unlike her managing to get out of her corset when it suited the “plot”, which Dodd knows all about in her good novels, but here there were many convenient flauntings of realism and historicism.

Candle in the Window.

Most of the time, she even comes up with decent characters and plot to go with it, but not this time. The action that precipitated her decision rair a bit contrived to me, but it was an effective and interesting scene.

I liked this book very much and the ending was marvelous. She has survived on her own for four years taking whatever jobs she can christija to support herself and save money so she and her sister can move to France. The Greatest Lover in All England. Surely the English Master Spy Network could have come up with a better plan than acting like a fool around the bad christinz in the hopes that they will not take him seriously and so discuss their secrets in front of him.

She has taken her son and left Wordlaw, which she should have done years ago, but she dord too proud to admit she’d made a mistake. Excerpt The Governess Brides was one of my most popular historical series and the longest running, and after six books I took a break to write other stories in other series.


Item s unavailable for purchase.

My Fair Temptress — All About Romance

European Historical Romance Review Tags: She had seen many a young lady come through her study at the Distinguished Academy of Governesses, all of them in need of assistance, but she had never felt such a kinship as she felt now for Miss Caroline Ritter.

I can therefore report that two chapters of a Black Lace novel seem to have been included by accident. All that said as long as you can suspend reality Dodd writes a great story.

I did take issue with the author’s creation of the imaginary European country of Moricadia, whose mention a mere 15 pages into the book nearly made me put it down for good. Refresh and try again. Ok then the son, Jude, is a spy out for revenge chooses to act like an idiot, why he has Sometimes when you read historical fiction or any romance really one needs to suspend reality.