Measurement of geological features is done with a special compass that has a built-in clinometer, which is a device for measuring vertical angles. An example of . F.W. Breithaupt & Sohn was founded in the year and is considered the highest quality manufacturer of geological compasses worldwide. More than. Lecture Series SGL Introduction to Geological Mapping. Lecture 4 learn the usage of the compass, clinometer and hand-level as some of the important.

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Clar Freibergertotal view. Light piping gives a clear bright readout even in lowlight Rare Earth Magnet: This article contains content that is written like an advertisement.

Shipping fee on buyer. A weighted pendulous arm beneath the compass needle can be read from one of three scales like Angle in degrees beneath the zenith from straight upangle in degrees of elevation or declination and in inches per yard of slope. In addition, since there is no guarantee given by individual manufacturers, it should not be assumed that the magnetometer axes, and the accelerometer axes, have been accurately aligned to the orientation of the iPhone.

The compass must be twisted so that the base of the compass becomes horizontal, as accomplished using the spirit level incorporated in it. Measurements made by smartphone geological compasses can potentially be susceptible to noise, mainly due to vibration or rapid hand movement.

Hinged cover has a graduated compss operation. Scale rides on a sapphire jeweled bearing and is liquid damped. It is not designed to sight on a distant object and measure the slope to that object. Modern remote sensing techniques as LiDAR and photogrammetry allow to obtain accurate and dense 3D point clouds. The Handle Compass gets its name from its “handle” shaped sight, which actually serves two purpose as With the compass compas, an object can be viewed through the peep sights to determine its magnetic heading.


Since very many measurements can be made in a few seconds, statistical analysis can be applied. Nature of Business Authorized Retail Dealer. Values can be read directly to one degree or one percent and estimated to 10 min.

Comes with lanyard and Nylon belt case. The vertical lubber line of the sighting optic lets you take full advantage of the 1 degree resolution used on the compass card, The clinometer allows the measuring of differences in height and slopes. Therefore, please double check your local clinlmeter policy carefully before purchase. Clinlmeter the bubble is centered, the compass is horizontal against the plane and parallel to the line of strike.

Suunto Compass Clinometer (Global) MC2

Note the degrees and the direction. The high-visibility cling lends low-light and night time performance, and the triple clinometers system gives fast and accurate reference information for avalanche safety or earth-science field work. Read either end of the compass needle clinomeyer obtain the value of strike. There are several different digital geological compasses now available, including the listerCompass [1].

Geological compass – Wikipedia

Adjust the compass orientation, making sure the bottom edge is always flat against the plane, until the air bubble in the “Bull’s compasss level” is centered. Sighting window with sighting line. Dimensions Closed 93 x 72 x Please make sure your Paypal Address is exactly your Shipping Address. The “Fold-out pointer” should point down-plunge. We promise to help you solve it asap,and make you feel satisfactory absolutely.


Shipping weight egology lbs. Because our delivery time is business day. Dip angle graduation is 5 degrees over a range of degrees, with reliable estimation to 1 degree.

CONEF Geological Mining Compass and Clinometer

Light piping gives a clear bright readout even in lowlight. Retrieved 27 June Geologg the items will be shipped within business day by Airmail after the payment is clear.

compzss Generally, the delay or failure delivery is sometimes caused by the policy of different customs. Absolute accuracy is about one third of a degree. Shipping weight 2 lb. This compass has the most use by structural geologists, measuring foliation and lineation in metamorphic rocksor faults and joints in mining areas. Fast, accurate, smooth, dead-on. Look directly down through the “Slot” in the “Fold-out pointer”. Views Read Edit View history.

Our offered products are known for its long shelf life, high strength, robustness, easy to install and low maintenance. Year of Establishment High variance implies scattered data, so measurement should be continued until error diminishes to an acceptable level. For example, Laser Pointer is unacceptable in some countries.

Read the plunge directly from the scale in the compass the same way you dlinometer dip. There is no data that suggests digital compasses on the iPhone are subject to any measurable form of magnetic disturbance.

The declination scale sets easily from the bottom of the compass.