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Laukkanen, Exploring alternative approaches in high-level entrepreneurship education: Students and university students – organizaciomes is perhaps the only category of the population, which has got the attention of the researchers of this phenomenon.

Zubova 1 Ural Federal University named after B. Has more than scientific publications, including 5 monographs, more than 12 teaching aids, 1 article in Scopus, 3 articles in the WOS. Abas 1M.

Intervention Bases in Organizational Psychology

Pascual 8M. The present work had as objective to analyze the possible conceptions of the students of the 3rd cycle of basic education, of aged between 12 and 17 years, on the concept of creativity.

During the lectures, the focus will be on improving the decision making skills of the student and enhancing their practical knowledge. Despite the amount of literature in the field of bilingual teaching and learning, practical research in real contexts is still scarce. Much of the research is devoted to studying of competence in working with information technology, especially if the direction of preparation involves the use of information – archival science, library science, computer science, etc.

International Journal of Medical Education, 27 5pp. This work reports design of renewable energy degree level courses to equip the future energy engineers with adequate capabilities to design the climate friendly sustainable development programs in harmony with global crises in time to come. As India moves to increase the GER Gross Enrolment Ratio in coming years, the need for quality teachers will increase, and the supply-demand gap will widen.


The field of scientific interests: It uses Android OS and it is implemented for smartphones and tablets as well as Interactive Smartboards in the classroom. Characteristics of professional intervention: Symaniuk 2M. Frontera 5D. However, a greater effort is needed to develop the application to offer services such as online access and interconnection with other databases.

Results and Discussion – The results reveal that educational provision satisfaction has a positive and significant influence on QALS 0. Each of them comprised of 3 to 5 options, being only one correct. Potential of Gamification as Assessment Tool.

A convenience sample of 16 participants teaching English at four public universities of Punjab was selected. Conceptions of creativity of the questionnaire survey: Every examination integrated 30 to 40 questions.

Conclusions – In line with previous works on the topic [], the educational system, in its role as the most prominent public socializing mechanism, has to play an important role in the promotion of entrepreneurship and leadership behavior at the regional level. In the out-of- class stage students accessed to a series of video tutorials about the main contents of the module and they answered a questionnaire about the content of the topic watched.

A linear Implementation Model. There is virtually no major human emotion not experienced in academic settings. The combination use of Vee diagram and Instagram will be abbreviated with Veegram. Models and theories 3. In this communication, we will show a comparison between the results obtained for three different tasks, ranged from 1 to 3, based on the person that performs the grading.


Intervention Bases in Organizational Psychology – AS3WBIO

Sports and Heals, Saint- Peterburg. So, for British students and European universities as a whole is characterized by established tradition of strict checks on the presence of illegitimate debt and the corresponding system of punishments for the Russian universities and students is quite a new perspective.

In fact, these concepts are appearing more and more frequently in curricula for the compulsory school system in European schools [4]. Our objectives of the paper are as follows: Another point is that knowledge that the former student has got in the university is often not adapted for the practical use.

That is why, it is worth paying attention to the goals pursued by students during their studies, it is more serious for them to support or direct the aspirations of students. A Creative and Technological Proposal L.

Finally, e-learning platform www. Gaia ediciones, – Transforma tu cerebro con PNL: Research has compellingly demonstrated that analogies are a valuable pedagogical tools that foster understanding and avoid misconceptions [3]. Pinheiro 3R.

Phases of an intervention process for change 5. Chaos, complexity and consultancy.