Commenting and Commentaries [Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Joel Beeke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The student or pastor with a. mitted, and I meant to include two addresses upon Commenting in the proposed tion, and then acatalogue of Commentaries miglit help the student to carry the. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only.

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Trahit sua quemque voluptas; every man that studies hath some beloved study, which is his delight above any other; and this is mine. The making of that catalogue would, of course, be no small labour; but, once accomplished, it might be of sprugeon to many, and effect more in the direction aimed at than the most earnest exhortations. To this end be diligent students of Oriental life.

It has long been my practice, what little time I had to spare in my study from my constant preparations for the pulpit, to spend it in drawing up expositions upon some parts of the New Testament, not so much for my own use, as purely for my own entertainment, because I know not how to employ my thoughts and time more to my satisfaction.

For good, sound, massive, sober sense in commenting, who can excel Gill?

Commenting and commentaries

You need only one: He who finds fault will do well to execute the work in better style; only let him remember that he will have my heifer to plough with and therefore ought in all reason to excel me. Much prayer is made by the Church that this end may be accomplished, nor has the prayer been in vain, for some men are now declaring the gospel of Jesus who were trained in this manner.

By Robert Hawker, D. He is a very prudent and judicious commentator; and one of the few who could honestly say, “We have not willingly balked any obvious difficulty, and have designed a just satisfaction to all our readers; and if any knot remains yet untied, we have told our readers what hath been most probably said for their satisfaction in the untying of it.

His great work on the Holy Scriptures is greatly prized at the present day by the best authorities, which is conclusive evidence of its value, since the set of the current of theological thought is quite contrary to that of Dr. It is only when mental labour passes beyond the bounds of common sense that the mind becomes enfeebled by it, and this is not usually reached except by injudicious persons, or men engaged on topics which are unrefreshing and disagreeable; but our subject is a recreative one, and to young men like ourselves the vigorous use of our faculties is a most healthy exercise.


Commentaries, expositions, interpretations, are all mere scaffolding; the Holy Ghost himself must edify you and help you to build up the church of the living God.

Flowers are well enough, but hungry souls prefer bread. Here I call to mind two wells in the courtyard of the Doge’s palace at Venice, upon which I looked with much interest.

In the church of St. They get a peep at Gill on the sly. Yes, it must be given. Invaluable in its day, still quite valuable in ours.

SGCB | COMMENTING ON COMMENTARIES: A Reference Guide to Buying the Best Books

He is a very Alp of learning, but cold and lacking in spirituality, hence his lack of popularity. Open Preview See a Problem? The portrait of him which belongs to this church, and hangs in commentinf private vestry, and from which all the published portraits have been engraved, comkentaries him after an interview with an Arminian commentung, turning up his nose in a most expressive manner, as if he could not endure even the smell of freewill.

The edition of John Calvin’s works which was issued by the Calvin Translation Society, is greatly enriched by the remarks of the editors, consisting not merely of notes on the Latin of Calvin, and the French translation, or on the text of the original Scriptures, but also of weighty opinions of eminent critics, illustrative manners and customs, and observations of travellers.

Add to this noble comment, which is sold at a surprisingly low price, the eight volumes of Kitto’s Daily Readings. Usually, we have found the despisers of commentaries to be men who have no sort of acquaintance with them; in their case, it is fommentaries opposite of familiarity which has bred contempt. He declared that he would make no spiritual parade of his last hours, but if possible continue at his usual works, and depart this life as a person in the midst of business commenttaries the room to attend to a knock at the door.

King very truly says of him, “No writer ever dealt more fairly and honestly by the Word of God. The Ethiopian eunuch might have received divine illumination, and doubtless did receive it, but still, when asked whether he qnd the Scripture which he read, he replied, “How can I unless some man shall guide me? His writing is all sugar, and you will know how to use it, not devouring it in lumps, but using it to flavour other things.


What should be the manner of your public commenting? Read the paragraph through, and then go over it again with your explanations; breaking it up as you may think fit at the second reading. The remarks which they give forth as the Spirit’s mind are very inferior in all respects to what they affect to despise, namely, the mind of good and learned men.

He gives an opening lecture recommending the best commentators, another on the act of commenting in the service, and then surveys almost works, giving a couple sentences of evaluation, both commendation and criticism.

Commenting and Commentaries

It may be thought, however, that one such a teacher is enough, and that anr was tolerated from a learned doctor would be scouted in a student fresh from college. First among the mighty for general usefulness we are bound to mention the man whose name is a household word, Matthew Henry.

Samuel Samuel, Saul, David I. A minister ought to attain enough of these tongues to be at least able to make out a passage by the aid of a lexicon, so as to be sure that he is not misrepresenting the Spirit of God in his discoursings, but is, as nearly as he can judge, giving forth what the Lord intended to reveal by the language employed.

Commenting & Commentaries

Show your people firstly, secondly, and thirdly, what the text does not mean, and then afterwards you can go back and show them what it does mean.

I say some of the comkenting, since I suppose that as the Lord Jesus left his disciples free from rubrics and liturgies, each church worshipped according to the working of the free Spirit among them; one with the open meeting of the Corinthians, and another with a presiding minister, and a third with a mixture of the two methods.

Two or three sentences will often reveal the drift of a whole chapter; the key of a great difficulty may be presented to the hearer in half a score words, and thus the public reading may be made abundantly profitable.