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And it is not a dead faith, but works by love. Salvation is through Christ alone and by faith alone. However in substance and nature they still remain truly and only bread and wine as they were before. This makes the constant preaching of repentance necessary. On the fs day He rose from the dead with the same body in which He had suffered, with which He also ascended into Heaven, and there sits at the right hand of His Father making intercession, and shall return cohfesion judge men and angels at the end of the world.

Therefore others who are also gifted and qualified by the Holy Bautosta for the task, and who are approved and called by the church, may and ought to perform it.

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This assurance is not merely a conjectural persuasion nor even a probable persuasion based upon a fallible hope. The Civil Magistrate God, the supreme Lord and King of all the world, has ordained civil magistrates confsion be under Him, over the people, for His own glory and the public good.

This office and duty of Mediator and Surety the Lord Jesus undertook most willingly. This is achieved in such a manner and by such ways as are most consonant to His wonderful and unsearchable dispensation, and it is all by free and absolute grace, without any condition foreseen in them to procure it. Those who attain the greatest height which is possible in this life in their obedience to God, are still so far from being able to supererogate, and to do more than God requires, that they fall short of much which they are bound to do in their duty to God.

Besides this law, commonly called the moral law, God was pleased do give the people of Israel ceremonial laws containing several typical ordinances. This is because the gifts and calling of God are without repentance, and therefore He continues to beget and nourish in them faith, repentance, love, joy, hope, and all the graces of the spirit which lead to immortality.

Marriage was ordained for the mutual help of husband and wife, for the increase of mankind with a legitimate issue, and for preventing uncleanness. Accordingly, those who are elected, being fallen in Adam: Works performed by unregenerate men, although they may in essence be things which God commands, and they may be good and beneficial both to themselves and others, yet because they do not proceed from a heart purified by faith, and are not done in a right manner according to the Word, and because it is not their underlying purpose to bring glory to God, therefore they are sinful, and cannot please God, nor can they make a man fit to receive grace from God.


Adoption God has vouchsafed, that in Christ, His only Son, and for His sake, all those who are justified shall be made partakers of the grace of adoption, by which they are taken into the number of the children of God and enjoy their liberties and privileges.

Therefore, to swear vainly or rashly by the glorious and awesome name of God, or to swear by any other name or thing, is sinful, and to be regarded with disgust and detestation. To the people of Israel He also gave bajtista judicial laws which expired when they ceased to be a nation.

To all those for whom Christ has obtained eternal redemption, He certainly and effectually applies and communicates this redemption, making intercession for them, uniting them to Himself by His Spirit, revealing to them in the Word and by the Word the mystery of salvation. Therefore, though it may be frequently assailed and weakened, it gets the victory, growing up in many to the attainment of a full assurance through Christ, Who is both the author and finisher of our faith.

Yet, being enabled by the spirit to know the things which are freely given to him by God, he may, without any extraordinary revelation attain this assurance by using the means of grace in the right way. In the performance of such office they are particularly responsible for maintaining justice and peace by application of the right and beneficial laws of the nation.

A true believer may wait long and fight with many difficulties before he becomes a partaker of it. At the same time Adam was endued with power and ability ee keep it. He may not be worshipped according to the imagination and devices of men, nor the suggestions of Satan. The Scripture acknowledges no other place than these two for souls separated from their bodies.

Because of our aversion to, and utter inability to return to God, and for our rescue and keeping from spiritual enemies, we need His kingly office to convince, subdue, draw, uphold, deliver, and preserve us until we reach His heavenly kingdom.

Besides the law written in their hearts, they received a command not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of ve and evil. Nevertheless Christ always has had, and always will to the end of time have a kingdom in this world, made up of those who believe in Him, and make profession of His name.

But believers are not, on these grounds, confdsion grow negligent, as if they were not bound to perform any duty unless given a special motion by the Spirit, but they must be diligent in stirring up the grace of God that is in them. Saving Faith The grace of faith by which the elect are enabled to believe, so that their souls are saved, is the work of the Spirit of Christ in their hearts, and is ordinarily brought into being by the ministry of the Word.


If a man does good and refrains from evil simply because the law encourages to the good and deters him from the evil, that is no evidence that he is under the law rather than under grace.

He is not able by his own strength to convert himself, or to prepare himself for conversion.

Bautistas Reformados

Although an obligation lies on the elders or pastors of the churches to be urgently preaching the Word by virtue of their office, yet the work of preaching the Word is not exclusively confined to them. During this life the corruption of nature remains in those who are regenerated, and although it is pardoned and mortified through Confeeion, yet this corrupt nature and all its motions are truly and bautist sinful.

The most wise, righteous, and gracious God often leaves, for a time, His own children to various temptations, and to the corruptions of their own hearts, in order to chastise them for the sins which they have committed, or to show them the hidden strength of corruption and deceitfulness still in their hearts, so that they may be humbled and aroused to a more close and constant dependence upon Himself for their support, and that they may be made more watchful against future occasions of sin.

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The justification of believers during the Old Testament period was dr all these respects exactly the same as the justification of New Testament believers. Works which do not have the warrant of Scripture, and are devised by men out of blind zeal, or upon any pretence of good intentions are not good works. Because there is not one person who does good and commits no sin, and because the best of men may fall into great sins and provocations through the power and deceitfulness of their own indwelling corruption and the prevalency of temptation, God has mercifully provided in the covenant of grace that when believers sin and fall they shall be renewed through repentance to salvation.

Christ, in His work of Mediator, acts according to both natures, each nature doing that which is proper to itself. This perseverance of the saints does not depend on them — that is, on their own free will. 6189 have His name put upon them, and receive the Spirit of adoption.