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Kaitlyn O’Connor Goodreads Author. A banished prince from far, far away This book contains forced seduction, antelique sex, frank language, adult situations, and graphic sexual encount A banished prince from far, far away This book contains forced seduction, public sex, frank language, adult situations, and graphic sexual encounters.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Conquest Earth; Prince Galenplease sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Conquest Earth; Prince Galen. Lists with This Book. Oct 04, Sandra rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’ve read this book many times now and it never loses its appeal. It is your typical Alien abducts Earth girl scenario, except a bunch of girls get grabbed and neither of them can communicate with each other.

This story is about how these very different people learn to communicate, learn to trust and fall in love all whilst foiling conauest American military and Government.

And how to terraform Mars, marsaform just doesn’t sound right. Bree is an ordinary girl in farm belt America when an alien pod I’ve read this book many times now and it never loses its appeal. Bree is an ordinary girl in farm belt America when an alien pod descends on her farmhouse and starts dismantling it.

Conquest Earth; Prince Galen by Angelique Anjou

The military quickly descends on her place as well and they end up doing more damage. Galen, eartth of the aliens spots Bree and immediately wants her for his own.

Unknowingly, she is tagged, which helps in her later abduction. I enjoy Angelique Anjou’s writing and wish she would do more of it.

Jan 29, Elb rated it did not like it. Rape should never be condoned. If someone puts you in a cpnquest where you have no choice then it is rape.

Where can i read Conquest : Earth by Angelique Anjou online? its an ebook…?

It does not matter how “gentle” they were are if your body responds. A person has rights over their body. If those rights are infringed upon anjo is wrong. I could not get past the point where women were kidnapped then forced to antelique sex with men to find anything good about the story. It is force if someone limits your clothes to a skirt with no underwear, picks you and flies away with you, Rape should never be condoned.

Ajgelique is force if someone limits your clothes to a skirt with no underwear, picks you and flies away with you, then while you are holding on for dear life, penetrates you.

I have this story same cover toobut it is now listed on Amazon as being by Kaitlyn O’Connor, so I am assuming that Angelique Anjou is one of her many pen names.


No matter – I enjoyed the story, and the writing was classic Kaitlyn! Oct 08, Shasha rated it liked it Shelves: This author will always give me something interesting. Some typos, including capitalizing the word goosebumps. A few loose ends view spoiler [–extra women are captured but no info is given on what happened to them, the heroine is taken from her home, doesn’t have a ride but the next page talks about her driving to the next conquedt, they have sex in the community shower an This author will always give me something interesting.

Abduction romance that starts at 83 percent This abduction romance starts after the bonus content at 83 percent. They don’t understand each other so the two points of view help in understanding the characters thoughts and feelings. It has a HEA. There are multiple typos. Oct 30, Ms. Ali Cat rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was something I found sitting in a file on my computer so I don’t know where it came from.

I had to look up the synopsis when I found it to see if it was something I would even read and I added it to this month’s Book It because I liked the idea of aliens invading earth. We need something better to happen than for politicians to just muck shit up. Whenever I read a book by someone I have never read before or no one I have spoken to or follow has mentioned I consider it a crap shoot. I This book was something I found sitting in a file on my computer so I don’t know where it came from.

I totally scored with this book. Galen is a Valaran who has been forced to choose between imprisonment and being sent into another solar earrth to colonize a new planet.

He chose to leave and has been on his ship for years looking for a new home when he enters the galaxy he had set course for at the beginning of his trip only to find that the planet he had in his sights is no eath there. Instead he looks to the third planet in that solar system and lands his scout ship into the peach orchard of Bree Denton, one pissed off and beautiful human who is offended by the ship in her orchard, the military taking over her land and the fact conauest doesn’t have pants on and no one will allow her into her home to get any on.

Once Galen sees Bree he claims the pink human with beguiling mammaries as his own. Ankou thing his the planet he sent his scout to seems to have advanced lifeforms and possess a higher intellect than he and his crew assumed and his scout and his woman were being greeted by force. When he sends a hologram of himself to Earth to communicate and explain that he doesn’t mean harm and was only looking for a place to colonize only his mate understands him and the soldiers become more aggressive.

On Bree’s side though she is looking at a big beautifully built creature with beautiful wings who can’t speak her language but looks like he wants to take a taste of her about as much as she wants a nibble of him. The story is very fictional with as many “That wouldn’t happen moments” as Rambo and Armageddon but I am telling you that for the few seconds it bristled I enjoyed the simple science fiction of it all and the idea of the interspecies confusion and “Mars needs women” aspect.

Galen, which is the least name from a galaxy far, far, away name you could come up with, is really kinda like a sweet jackass who thinks with his dick–which seems to be a universal male trait. I liked the supporting characters and I only wished that there was a second book that continued the Draken story. Jan 03, Brutally Honest rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a solid Kaitlyn O’Connor read. There’s the usual endless back-and-forth babbling in the characters’ minds, the second guessing of everything, the ignoring of obvious signs, and the usual bitchy women and political and atheistic rantings that we all know feature in basically all of her conquuest.


What sets this book apart – probably conquewt to it being one of her first – eart that the hero and heroine get equal exposure, and the complete ending. For once I was not dismayed at the abrupt ending of a Kaitlyn O’Connor book. Jan 28, Andrea rated it liked it. I liked the hero, I liked the heroine, the world building was extensive and the plot had two themes running through in addition to the alien romance and then, wtf, just ends and cuts to an epilogue.

I have heard similar comments before regarding Ms O’C’s work, so I won’t be buying another which is a big shame. If she had continued the conflict with Earth’s government and the threatened riot, it would have been a great novel. This book really caught my attention. I had been wanting to read it a long time ago, but couldn’t find it at my local library. I finally found it on Amazon and got to read it for myself. I really enjoyed this book, it really keeps you interested in what will happen to Bree and the other former Earth girls and their handsome Draconian male counterparts.

Definitely worth a read! Oct 21, Megan M. Still smiling This book was very interesting. I think it focused a little too much on the time before the Earth women decided to stay with the Valarians. I enjoyed the last part the best. Especially when the Earth women accepted their mates. I wished that more of the book could have shown the continuing of the settlement that led to the very last part.

Jul 09, Eva rated it liked it.

Conquest Earth; Prince Galen

I would understand if conques were the beginning of a series, but it is supposed to be a stand alone. Nov 21, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Totally loved this book, even on the second time reading. A good example of how cultures and lack of communication can cause misunderstandings and unease. Plenty to make me keep reading and want to finish. Enough to make me chuckle here and there which is what I like.

Great book and qngelique enjoyed every chapter. Mar 25, Aubrey rated it liked it. This is not your typical aliens invade earth, they just invade the solar system. It is a funny read. Didn’t like the abruptness towards the end of the book and there seemed to be several loose threads but an easy way to pass a few hours. Jun 21, laaddis angelque it really liked it Shelves: I enjoyed the book and would like to read more.

I love heroes with wings. The book did feel a bit rushed toward the end.