Title, Constitución Política de Panamá, con reformas de , y Publisher, National Legislative Bodies / National Authorities. Panamá – Constitución Confirma elementos de constitucionalismo presentados en la constitución de Panamá – Constitución Presentacion de Quimica noviembre · Constitucion de Panamá · Constitucion de Panamá Examen de Sociales.

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Corregimiento representatives are elected by proportional distribution.

Mobile users can only read ConText documents. These may obtain recognition as juridical persons.

National sovereignty, national self-determination e. Protecting minors, and the elderly, and accomplishing the social readjustment of those who are abandoned, helpless, morally misguided, or who have behavior maladjustment problems. It is unlawful to apply measures which may damage the physical, mental, or moral integrity of incarcerated individuals. Promoting responsible parenthood through family educational programs.

Each district is headed by a municipal council comprised of all the corregimiento representatives elected within the district. It is exercised by the State, in conformity with this Constitution, through Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches of Government, which act within limits and separately, but in harmonious cooperation.

Adoption of international treaties Comments: Constitutional amendments and international agreements must be approved by referendum. Aliens with five years of continuous residence within the territory of the Republic, if, after having reached legal age, they declare their intention to become naturalized, expressly renounce their citizenship of origin or any other citizenship, and establish that they have a command of the Spanish language and an elementary knowledge of Panamanian geography, history and political organization.

When is the outcome of a mandatory referendum binding? Whoever is arrested shall have the right, from that moment, to legal counsel in all police and judiciary proceedings.

Constitucion de la republica de panama de 1972

Those nationals by birth, of Spain or any Latin American nation provided they fulfill the same requirements necessary in their country of origin for the naturalization of Panamanians.


Captains of ships or aircraft outside the port or the airport are authorized to suppress insubordination or mutiny, or to maintain order on board, or to detain provisionally any actual or presumed offender. All children are equal according to law, and have the same rights of inheritance in constitcuion successions.

Public Officers who violate this precept shall suffer immediate loss of employment and shall be subject to all other penalties established by law, concerning this violation.

Accordingly, mayors were elected inappointed inand elected in and DD Citizens’ Initiatives national level Question: Los representantes de corregimientos, escogidos por Esta edicin de la Constitucin Poltica de est ajustada a los Actos Reformatorios deal Acto Constitucional dea los Actos Legislativos No.

It rests on equality of rights of both spouses and may be dissolved in accordance with the provisions of the law. DD How many verified signatures are required to start the formal decision-making stage for a citizens’ initiative?

Electoral Tribunal’s official website: Municipal government Each district is headed by a mayor, who leads the municipal government, and two alternates, elected by direct popular vote for five-year terms.

As long as this request has not been made, the marriage may be proved, for the purpose of claiming the rights pertaining thereto, by any of the spouses concerned in accordance with the procedures established by law. Electoral constituency Uninominal for mayors; plurinominal for councilpersons. Only previous notification of the local Administrative Authorities, twenty four hours in advance, is required to hold such gatherings.

DD What, if any, are the quorum requirements for a mandatory referendum to be valid? Are the types of issues to vote upon in a referendum constitutional changes only, other issues only or both constitutional and other issues?

Constitution of Panama (, rev. ) | Montpelier ConText

In an equal manner, the elderly and the sick who are destitute shall have the right to this protection. Councilpersons or corregimiento representatives are elected concurrently with mayors. Electoral Code as amended by laws 4 and 31 ofarts. Are there any Legal Provisions for Mandatory Referendums at the national level?


Establishing educational programs for pre-school age children, in specialized centers, which children may attend upon the request of their parents or guardians. Are the results of referenda always binding, never binding or sometimes binding? However, the Public Ministry, in the interest of morals and of the law, or third persons who assert rights susceptible of being affected by the registration, may object to the registration or challenge it subsequently on the ground that the declaration is contrary to the facts.

Constitucion de Panamá by Mimi Colley on Prezi

DD How many verified signatures are required to start the formal decision-making stage for a rejective referendum optional? Taxes and public expenditure commitments. The capacity, cknstitucion and regulation of these companies and other juridical persons shall pnama determined by Panamanian law.

Those born in the National territory. In criminal matters the law favorable to the accused always has preference and retroactivity, even though the judgment may have become final. Transfer of authority to international bodies d.

The State may refuse the request for a naturalization certificate for reasons of morality, security, health, and physical or mental impairment. Both constitutional and other issues Comments: DD How many verified signatures are required to start the formal decision-making stage for an abrogative referendum optional?