This is Unveiled Threats, what might be termed the gear book for CthulhuTech. However, in these pages, you will find much more that simply what most people. CthulhuTech – Unveiled . Plymouth Brethrenism unveiled and refuted Unveiled Sponsorship indd – Westchester Magazine. : CthulhuTech Unveiled Threats*OP () by Sandstorm Productions and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible.

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I suspect, and of course I could be wrong, that some of the reason this stands out a bit in Unveilex is because the other big Cthulhu games often not always but often play down some of the clearly physically horrific stuff that is implied or outright stated in many of the stories new and old this all comes from. Dealers of Death can be skipped if you don’t care about guns, but there’s some Chrysalis stuff buried in here! It’s a unveied cool chapter! Sex Leeches Last time: No really, get me a cannon and a machete!

Armorcorp is known for their mastery of materials engineering high-tech defense systems, but they’ve moved into weapons. It tries to take advantage of the side-effect mentioned in the core book, where pilots of D-Engine vehicles feel “attuned” to their vehicles, by creating something that lets them learn to pilot anything up to mecha and advanced fighter craft in a matter of hours.

| Cthulhutech Unveiled Threats, Sandstorm Productions | | Boeken

They happen as a part of dark art, usually where appropriate. The secret to breeding and tending the erogenous enhancement leeches is a closely guarded secret within the Death Shadows cult, known to very few. For those obsessed with fornication, the Strange Aeon is a good time to be alive. In general, touching this Stone is a bad idea. There’s also a weapons catalogue stretching from pages 17 to 38 full cthulhytech stats, tjreats and art.

It’s harder, at least in my experience, to pull that off in settings and stories where the protagonists have less of a chance because then it just becomes this weird spectacle of crazy. He tried to think of something to say, but nothing really mattered anymore. However, a mishap during a training exercise forced a change in their timetable. Taking a sample back to the base, the arcanotechnicians there managed to get the odd fungus to grow on some agar growth medium and used it to clone an apple.


According to its most primitive steam-driven plans, the Violator appears to be a massive engine, with varying phallic probes on automated articulated arms and intravenous stations around nine reclining chairs — each designed to hold and restrain a Human being. The automated articulated arms with phallic probes were more advanced, as the victim was suspended in such a way that he could be positioned in any way the sick operator desired.

Also, if you suffer Stone withdrawl, you age ten years a week until you’re at double what you started. Also, each use makes you Test against gaining an Insanity Point, and if you use it for a year and fail a Hard Tenacity Feat Test you become a liche.

It’s easy to ignore the Violator. I thought it was a device for making porn movies Once the host reaches orgasm, the leech has compromised the biomystical energy of the host body to the point where it can drain the host’s Orgone.

I was recently reading Dead of Night 2nd Ed.

They focus on chemically propelled weapons and manufacturing really nice ammo for other people’s weapons. These guys are an amalgamation of two companies guess who! And there are always people who disagree. To the surprise and revulsion of his colleagues, he introduced legislation to drop the age of consent cfhulhutech pre-pubescent levels, setting off a firestorm of criticism against him and his political party.

Cthulhutech: Unveiled Threats

Anyhow, here’s my two cents. Whether the Rictus Knife was stolen or if it was simply taken by an unscrupulous party within the Society is unknown. However, the few madmen who have actually built this device have created something more advanced.

The catch is it’s addictive, and using it makes you want to use it again. For every person who is wildly offended by it, there is another who already has an idea of how they’re going to use it in an adventure.


While a century ago a businessman might have to fly halfway around the world to force himself on a twelve year-old boy. Well, if you touch it it drains all your Ruach Orgone, then immediately cures all your diseases, accelerates your healing rate and takes five years off your age. Anakhara Stone The Anakhara Stone was allegedly brought to this dimension by Bakhi to tempt people in ancient times, until someone realised it was a bad idea and stole it.

It’s an ancient circlet the Children of Chaos needed during the rape furry adventure. Tools of the Trade provides a variety of new things for Characters to own and use, including peeks options, medical equipment, and vehicles.

But for those who take the care to note the intricate contrasts, the distinction is apparent. CthulhuTech is a dark, messed up universe, as we all know and love. Appendices includes the index. Also armour but nobody cares. Guns and Words Most of this book can be done in one post, so I’m going to. Being a parasite, the leech only produces this enzyme in order to feed on its host. One such victim was a prominent politician in the New Earth Government Senate, known for his strong moral stance and focus on family values.

I’m sorry there are those out there who find it offensive or mishandled. It does a good job appealing to the kind of person who loves getting into loads of detail about guns but is too invested in the game to switch to a better system.

Cthulhutech Unveiled Threats

Also this is great: From their profiles she learns their jobs, likes and dislikes, etc. I think we like some of the same music.

He looked at his HK, but decided that would just be ridiculous. We want to stay in business. Unveiled Threats as a bit of a palate cleanser.