Hello all! Recently I asked in another thread if there was interest in me running a level 1 adventure, the module “The Sunless Citadel”. This article covers The Grove section of The Sunless Citadel, empty room, or add them in to another encounter that the PCs might otherwise. This article covers the Sunless Citadel itself, forty-one rooms of Add in details about furnishings or traps discovered and this can really begin.

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Dungeon Master For Dummies. The characters eventually come upon the Twilight Grove and its blighted foliage, where they find the Gulthias Tree and encounter the druid Belak.

Is The Sunless Citadel a well-designed adventure module?

I have way too much free time for the next few weeks. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. As for why he’s in Oakhurst, he’s probably just passing through on his way to one of the bigger cities. Join Date Mar Location Far from the nearest settlement, away from traveled routes, and high upon a craggy hill.

Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Friday, 4th August, Pages using deprecated image syntax All stub articles.

Monday, 10th July, Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: He personal goal now is to restore power to his family name and prove himself to his family. As sunelss adult, he stands to inherit a meaningless title and little else. This page book begins with a two-page introduction. I voted so I could see the results. It has been 5 years since that day, and Hunhow is making progress.


A group of 1st level PCs trying to capture a young white dragon? The backstory is really interesting. I think it is well designed. Dark Sun Dark Sun: Thr of the Coast. Is Danger at Dunwater a well-designed adventure module?

The Sunless Citadel

Since these things attack in groups, the rolling wore a little thin after a while, especially in the fight with 10 of the buggers that’s 20 attack rolls per round for them alone, nevermind the potential number of saving throws.

I had three people TriWait, CruentusRelic and MoistBooks express interest in in that thread, so I’m going ahead and starting a recruitment thread to get one or two additional players and hopefully we can start soon!

Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. The majority of the adventure then focuses on the characters exploring the citadel and encountering the malign creatures that have taken up residence within, such as kobolds and goblins.

I’ve run it and it played reasonably well. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: It cannot be broken and it cannot be taken away.


I thought that it was well-designed. Like El-Rammen, I have never played this so voted other. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What was it, a tree grown from a stake put through a vampire?

The Beaumont family is no stranger to wealth, power, and privilege. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. I chose “other” – I have never read it, played it or run it.

Already, stories of the Golden dragonborn’s prowess as both a mercenary and a gladiator have begun spreading. With the right favors, some renown and some coin he now hopes fix all of this. Eager to make a name for himself and restore his family’s lands he heads to the town of Oakhurst. The worst design choice in it was the twig blights themselves. Except for the Meepo subplot with the recapture of the white dragon.

Cordellwith cover art by Todd Lockwood and interior art by Dennis Cramer. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. It was darned easy to slot into my homebrew setting, provided some good diplomacy and RPing opportunities, and some memorable battles.