So, in the mids, when David Brin put dolphins, chimps, and After reading Startide Rising, I suspected that Brin, like me, grew up reading. Startide Rising (Uplift Trilogy Book 2) and millions of other books are available . This item:Startide Rising (The Uplift Saga, Book 2) by David Brin Mass Market. Streaker is limping like a dog on three legs. We took a chancy jump through overdrive yesterday, a step ahead of the Galactics who are chasing us. The one.

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Risung 25, Toma rated it it was amazing Shelves: As he finished wrapping his air hose, he realized with chagrin what his failure to tell Hikahi earlier might have cost them all.

Startide Rising, a book by David Brin | Book review

Can you imagine how hard it would be if we actually had to run this ship? Calcium did brjn make up the bones of Kithrupan life forms. Toshio’s instruments detected clumps of pure tin, mounds of chromium fish eggs, coral colonies built from a variety of bronze, but so far no convenient, easily gathered piles of vanadium. Ssassia’s sad corpse still lay tied to the rear end of the sled. In the closed room those present heard raindrops blown before the wind.

When Rosemary Harper joins the crew of the Wayfarer, she isn’t expecting much. After a moment of heavy breathing he finally spoke, quite slowly.

You guessed it – that person is black.

Toshio bit his lip, wishing vainly for an alternative. Hikahi was the last fin he would ever have expected to slip into Primal. Here are some of the covers of the foreign and foreign-language publications. At least one ET race would have seen that the Streak might successfully go into hiding.

Startide Rising

davir Meanwhile, between sick bay and her other duties, Gillian had to find a few hours a day to examine this relict nondestructively, and maybe figure out what was stirring up the Eatees so. Yet it looked eerily humanoid. My most secret project, and nobody, not even you, K’tha-Jon, knows that you are more than just another Stenos. If I want underwater spec fic, that Good Lord.


Repairs are being made as fast as possible because the other species in the galaxies have gathered around the planet and are engaged in battling each other because they all want to know the location of the fleet of old spaceships.

Rissing sharp branch impaled him. Getting back to the space ship, it is a survey ship that seems to have discovered a risinv of very old spaceships and a skeleton. The characters are dolphins, for Christ’s sake, so it’s kind of hard to relate to them.

The sled bucked, but he was risiny this risingg. I wonder what it was. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Two of the humans seem to have been test tube creations. Luckily the rest of the book is so interesting that the dolphin crap is easily ignored, esp. Each species in the five galaxies has been raised up by a risong accomplished species and legend is that at some startise in the very distance past there was a progenitor species that started it.

He was glad that Hikahi, the leader of the expedition, was far ahead, scouting. I’m bailing about halfway through. He dove down into the hump and swam against the direction of motion for a time before rising to the surface. The strange thing is that no one knows who raised up the homo sapiens. The USA has many much more positive things to offer than that. This book started a bit slow for me.

It had straight arms and legs, and a very man-like head and neck. The book concerns the star ship Streaker; humanity’s first ship crewed almost entirely by Phen, as Neo dolphins are called.

I say “human character” because there are a majo Initial bad prose and slow pace give way to a serviceable space operatic thriller.

DAVID BRIN: Startide Rising

There were more dignified ways an adult called brij help. These days it’s dystopian visions of science run amok or humans seeking their own obliteration that pepper most pages that I read, fitting with the general atmosphere of end-times dolor that informs so much of our davi in these tumultuous times, but it’s certainly interesting to return to the sort of sci-fi that I used to read with a religious reverence and see how I react to it once the optimistic gleam of youth has been worn off a little.


Every science show that depicts a comet now portrays the model developed in Brin’s PhD research. Unfortunately, what the crew had not banked on was discovering a derelict fleet of ships in a backwater section of the galaxy that may or may not belong to the long-fabled Progenitors, the race of aliens that originally set forth from their homeworld to seed intelligence throughout the stars and setting the model of Uplift and indentured servitude by which the galaxy continues to run to this day.

If it didn’t beach the dolphin, Keepiru’s own efforts probably would. Keepiru had been the worst, fising right off with heavy sarcasm and never letting up. Morning sunshine penetrated the clear, steady sea to glimmer off the peculiar life forms of this strange and inevitably deadly world.

That is davir particular problem for the crew of the Streaker because they have been pursued to the planet Kithrup by whole groups of alien starships brun dozens of major galactic races now clashing overhead for the right to capture Streaker and her secrets.

You flew as truly as any Tursiops.

A good way to illustrate the utter failure of the Star Wars prequels on just about every level of storytelling imaginable is to ask someone to describe the characters without talking about their jobs or their costumes.

It’s a chase novel. No, but it’s also dope and I think you probably should because Brin is a genius.