Front Cover Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: Half-breeds in your Campaign Chapter 2: Specific Half-Breeds Half-breeds at a Glance Aellar Alicorn. The d20 core rules let you play half-orcs and half-elves, but why stop there? Bastards & Bloodlines gives you nearly 30 new half-races to play. Bastards & Bloodlines: A Guidebook to Halfbreeds (Races of Renown) [Owen K. C. Races of Destiny (Dungeon & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying).

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Here is what he gets. This could easily result in a 25 spell resistance for the character.

Bastards & Bloodlines

The chapter also includes ideas for campaigns that are mostly or exclusively halfbreed characters, and a number of “half-breed archetypes” that you can use as baselines for the personalities of half-breed PCs or NPCs. The templates cater to the stranger of the half-breeds differentiating between half-bred and crossbred, even.

I would just say that different half-breeds inherit certain characteristics from each parent and houri and spring children happen to not inherit fey ancestry. The weapon properties include Angered, an orc property, that provides a bonus to strength and constitution when in a barbarian rage to Strafing, a halfling property that allows the thrown weapon to utilize the full attack action.

The making your own half-breed chapter can be rather succinctly summarised as “use your best judgement. I usually enjoy your reviews, but feel you are way off base on this one. While the section on spells and magic items isn’t vast, it does provide new options. Thank you for your feedback!

Limiting the more obscure half-breeds seems to fit most campaign worlds.



The Brood Sorcerer blend their heritage towards new abilities in the field of magic and get brood powers every other level. Baatards can only lead to a better community, and ultimately, better brews.

Despite all the numbers and dice in the pages the book is pleasant and easy to read. You really get a sense for the creature.

All of the autarkic’s class abilities are defensive in nature, and the class has all good saves like a monk. And last but not least is the Spell Resistance. The most important thing, in my mind, in the Specific Half-Breed chapter is that, again and again, I found myself thinking o O “Yes, I can see that half-breed in play.

One example give is introducing a Half-Troll population into areas already well known to your players is probably not a good idea for continuity. Bastards and Bloodlines is a rare thing.

Bastards and Bloodlines

Supposedly the two were talking and Marilyn wished that bastarfs two of them could have a child together. The spells are called blood spells, and each spell requires the caster to have the blood of a certain type of creature. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

The other major option is a rather more “anything goes” approach, where any two races might be able to interbreed in the right circumstances. You assumed the page numbers were the same. Submit a new text post.

This is not a playtest review.

Bastards and Bloodlines is written by Owen K. The brood champion is a warrior who develops a fighting style around their more bestial aspect. I personally cannot find the books handwaving approach to crossbreeding as anything less than jarring. Sorry that something went wrong, repeat again! Log in or sign up in seconds. I will make a few mods for some of the pictures, but feel free to take the source, and post a link from it, so you can edit the content yourself: The Autarkic is the master of self-reliance.


What makes the book are the visuals. At the same time, I felt that a lot of the more compelling explanations for halfbreeds in a campaign were ignored, and many of the halfbreed races were basttards bizarre for general use.

More on the specific breeds is covered in Critical Hits. I find myself looking forward more and more to each new Green Ronin product each month. I might change around which half-fey races get fey ancestry though, stay tuned. Subscribe Badtards to my comments All comments. There’a already a bunch that have it. The chapter also has a few pages of sensible advice on making your own half-breed creatures from scratch, including the how’s and why’s of mechanical sticky points like odd attribute modifiers, racial abilities, and CRs, and possible approaches to handling these issues.

Blodlines the average GM can’t do is design blooodlines mechanically solid a book as Mr. This is done via the template system. Any content in your document must be cited in the document itself. The Lone Wolf feels more at home being alone than in a crowd. Plus you have the scars to prove it. Buy basrards book for the specific half-breeds, the templates, the new magic rules, prestige classes and feats — but not for the making your own half-breed rules.