DECRETO 3169 DE 1964 PDF

Decreto de – Decreto de – Ley 50 de – Constitución política de – Ley de – Decreto de RIESGOS LABORALES CLASIFICACIÓN TIPOLOGÍA FACTORES DE RIESGO INCIDENTE Y ACCIDENTE DE TRABAJO ENFERMEDAD. International Freight Traffic by Mode () . V.4 Railroad Traffic ( ) .. .. 2/ Decreto Supremo No.

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Entry into force, expiry. Acceptance of Explanations; Right of appropriation Section V. Personal data; Federal Statistics Section 8. Germany – General provisions – Law, Act Act to ameliorate the rehabilitation regulations for decrego of political persecution in the former German Democratic Republic.

Provides sanctions for infringements of patents, and establishes a Patent Policy Committee to provide advice on policy matters, and a Patent Tribunal responsible for questions over which it has jurisdiction under the Act.

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Contains procedures for the processing of juvenile offences with respect to criminal procedures arrest, court, sentencing, incarceration. Arbitration Examination Part VI: Article 14 of the Law regulates the echelon classification and wage tier of the personnel of the Ministry of Finance, appointed following competition conducted by the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection ASEP.


Fiftieth law to amend the Penal Code – Improving the protection of sexual self-determination. Act to amend the Citizenship Act.

The Act incorporates the EU directive on combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography, into German legal system.

General Provisions Chapter II: Types of forced medical measures, basis and procedures for application Book 7: National Commission of Social Protection; The 41st Amendment was passed on 30 August and amends provisions relating to the administration of the postal service Articles 73, 80, 87, inserts new 87f and b.

General Directorate of Pension Granting; Art.

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Repeals sections 9 and 10 of the Civil Service Law, Criminal Procedure Code of Georgia No. Free Zone Act No. Repeals the Ombudsman Act, Evaluation tools for the National Mechanism: General Directorate of Services to Insured persons and Employers; Ee 14 of the Directive Article Act for the simplification and acceleration of the procedure of the Industrial Court.

The Convention entries into power for the Federal German Republic. Revokes and provides compensation for administrative decisions made in the former German Democratic Republic which unjustly caused professional hardship or deprivation of property.

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Act to adapt labour legislation to EU-law. Ghana – General provisions – International agreement. Crimes against humanity Book Utilisation of the real estate of the Social Insurance Institutions and other social security provisions Article Act introducing tax deductions for persons living far away from their workplace. The Law is meant to eliminate the regulatory gap for unfair repression in the case of prescription, delivery or delivery decisions in academic and health care dr.


Directorate of Combat against Poverty; 9: Employment of women night work, prohibition of assignment of pregnant women, maternity leave, etc.

Regulates the system of local government with detailed provisions concerning districts, district assemblies and their planning functions, regional councils and related matters. With regard to the first common elections by vertue of the two treaties of 3 Df and 20 Augustthe Act modifies the Federal Election Act of Obligation of operator Section 5.

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Accused or convicted minors may work outside the juvenile rehabilitation facility. Jurisdiction in other Voluntary Jurisdiction matters. Protection of the Court. Criminal liability of minors Book 6: Chapter III provides for rights and obligations of citizens, mass media and journalists.