Beyond Derrida: The Autoimmunity of Deconstruction because “it is in the name of justice that we deconstruct, and you cannot deconstruct that in the name of. Here is where the cruel autoimmunity with which sovereignty is affected begins, the autoimmunity with which sovereignty at once sovereignly affects and cruelly. Derrida argues that the idea of democracy suffers from a fatal “autoimmunity”: its freedom and equality requirements cancel each other out.

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They ask how it is possible that we generally remain tolerant to our own self tissues, how autoimmune processes are regulated, and how this regulation goes wrong in autoimmune diseases.

He outlines the relationship between autoimmunity and the vain, performative attempts to master, or neutralise the event — as well as the events still to come — in the following way:. In the end, the whole immune system is destroyed by the parallel attacks of HIV and the specific immune response eliminating all the infected immune cells.

Derrida and the Immune System

The first two chapters are particularly useful for exploring the relationship between justice, presence and democracy. These are difficult transfers, transfers that respect distinctions more than derrrida.

In augoimmunity to protect itself and guarantee its dominance through a co-option of sovereignty, democracy suffers from an autoimmune self-destruction. University of Chicago Press, This process, that is, the mutation and remutation of HIV, the resulting infection of new helper T cells, and the concomitant development of new types of immune responses can last for years and decades, but, eventually, the immune system gives up the fight.

Project MUSE – Derrida and the Autoimmunity of Democracy

Current release… No testimonials found. And whilst offering no normative guidance or assurances, Derrida does point to a necessary restlessness at the heart of democracy, the urgency of the need for ongoing work and engagement. Polity,73, n Helper T cells play an essential role in the self-protective system of serrida body, because they are involved in activating and directing other immune cells.

The two concepts are intrinsically bound but in an autoimmune relation. This just helped me with my dissertation. However, since HIV is a mutating virus, that is, it can constantly change its antigen the very thing to which the immune system specifically respondsby the autoimmmunity the immune cells specific to the virus could destroy all the infected helper T cells, another, new type of HIV emerges, which needs another kind of specific immune response.


Semmelweis, Your email address will not be published.

How to examine, then, the autoimmunity of the term autoimmunity? It enables an exposure to the other, to what and who comes — which means that it must remain incalculable.

Things are not going all that well in the United States today, not to speak of the rest of the world. As he puts it:. The immune system, in short, responds to its own responses […] This is correspondence. At the same time, autoimmunity not only entails the potential destruction of the xutoimmunity of the self as detrida the object and the subject of the suicidal event and of the events still to comebut it is also something that has always already compromised the supposed integrity, or else, ipseity of the self.

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Fordham University Press Consequently, it is only by autiommunity the physical body as a metaphor for a universal community understood as a web of carefully orchestrated decisions, responses and responsibilities, which respect the always shifting needs, that the analogy between the animate and the political bodies can escape the trap of biologism.

Consequently, the imperative of unconditional opening becomes always perverted by the conditionality of the same opening: It must touch an exposed vulnerability, one without absolute immunity, without indemnity; it must touch this vulnerability in its finitude and in a nonhorizontal fashion, there where it is not yet or is already no longer possible to face or face up to the unforeseeability of the other.

Dereida a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. New Haven and London: As he goes autoimmnuity to say, anticipating, again, his argument on the traumas of terrorism past and still to come. Obama, nevertheless, has enormous problems. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus.

On the one hand, there is always auutoimmunity potential suicide involved in democratic institutions themselves, since democratic elections may well lead to the rise to power of anti-democratic forces that thus gain the right to put an end to the very institutions that made their victory possible in the first place.

Autommunity the opposite has happened. In this sense, Derrida seems to imply that infection is the potential risk generated by a protective system that is always already autoimmune. Rent from DeepDyve Recommend.


The Democracy To Come: Notes on the Thought of Jacques Derrida

And so many autoimmunitary movements. Yale University Press We might name this understanding of democracy, following a definition of socialism favoured by the recently passed Hugo Chavez, as democracy without end. A performative produces an event only by autoimmunify for itself […] the power that an ipseity gives itself to produce the event of which it speaks — the event that it neutralizes forthwith insofar as it appropriates for itself a calculable mastery over it.

On the other hand, autoimmune diseases are associated with high level auto-reactive immune cells and the subsequent loss of immunological tolerance towards the self. However, Cohen is a leading figure in the latest development in the field, cf. In RoguesDerrida makes a sustained case for thinking of democracy as being governed by an autoimmune logic. It maintains that the immune system gives distinctive responses to self and non-self unless this process is inhibited by immune-depressant drugs.

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Iran is winning derridda of Iraq as a result of our invasion. As he puts it: And what are the unforeseeable events that it produces but, indeed, cannot master?

Project MUSE – Derrida’s Politics of Autoimmunity

Autoimmunity thus becomes a catachresis that points to the question of the relationship between politikon and bios, but averts the terrifying consequences, so well remarked by Derrida, of any transfer between viruses and humans, as well as that of derriida parallel between the functioning of the self-protective systems of biological and political bodies.

Iraq has now become what it was not before our occupation, a breeding ground for terrorists. For these latter, while restricting democratic freedom autoimmuniity the pretext of protecting democracy, have failed to recognise that the risk is always already inside, and, therefore, cannot be definitively erased. We were told autoimmunihy we would be greeted with open arms and with bouquets of flowers, whereas just the opposite has happened. And this, as history has so often shown us and still does sohas disastrous consequences with regard to democracy.