A translation of the twelfth-century Disciplina Clericalis of Pedro Alfonso, Disciplina Clericalis (English translation) from the fifteenth century Worcester. The scholar’s guide. A translation of the twelfth-century Disciplina Clericalis of Pedro Alfonso, by Joseph Ramon Jones and John Esten Keller. – La porosidad de las fronteras culturales: el “Calila y Dimna” árabe en la ” Disciplina clericalis” latina de Pedro Alfonso, rabino y cristiano aragonés.

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Everything is Twosided Contents and Plan of. The Dialogi portrayed Judaism as defending Islam, so if Petrus could show Islam as invalid, then he could, through association, expose the invalidity of Judaism.

Judging from the number of priests who persisted in these de facto marriages, the financial burden was ultimately tolerable not only because clergymen were emotionally attached to their families, but also since the role of a paterfamilias, who ruled a household with a wife and children, was central to their masculinity.

As stated earlier, Judaism had enjoyed the benefit of the Augustinian tradition, but by placing Judaism on the same level as Islam, it made Judaism as heretical as Islam. He did this through pointing out scientific inconsistencies in the belief of Judaism. Alfonsi’s fame rests chiefly on pevro collection of thirty-three tales, composed in Latin at the beginning of the 12th century.

Catalogue Persistent Identifier https: These 3 locations in Victoria: Petrus was able to make each side say what he wanted; because of this, it was authoritative, and became a damaging piece to the perception of the Jews.


It was not merely proof of sexual activity or evidence of offspring that conferred clericqlis status in the parishes of late medieval Catalunya.

It seems very illogical for Petrus to write such an extensive work against Judaism, and then write one of the twelve titulus about Islam in the middle of the Dialogi. Request this item to view in the Library’s reading rooms using your library card.

This page was last edited on 19 Novemberat This is particularly interesting because his polemics demonstrate that the Jewish people were not impenitently heretical but rather misguided by envious rabbis who wanted to retain power over the Jews.

Further Information on the Life of the Author. These online bookshops told us they have this item: In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. Up until the Dialogi contra Iudaeosthe Augustinian tradition was followed in Christendom which allowed relative tolerance to the Jewish people, and for the most part up until this point the attacks on the Jewish people were localized and more importantly, not organized.

The Disciplina Clericalis of Petrus Alfonsi. You can view this on the NLA website. According to Christians, once the Jews had discovered the truth that Alfonsi had, they would convert because the truth was self-evident. The Dialogi contra Iudaeos represented a turning point in not only polemical strategy, but also the perception of Judaism.

However, this was not the case and it gave Christians and later polemicist the impetus for developing a culture that would require a new position for the Jews.

Disciplina Clericalis

Dame Sirith is better considered as a distinct representative of a well-developed multi-lingual tale tradition Born in Islamic Spain, he mostly pedr in England and France after his conversion.


He wanted the readers to believe that Judaism is only interested in disproving Christianity, and would even defend Islam if necessary.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. He divides it into twelve “Dialogues” or chapters: What made this particular strategy of polemics so influential was the ability to control the argument legitimately without the need of a second clerivalis. Current discipline on the use of clerical costume.

Petrus Alphonsi – Wikipedia

Can I borrow this item? National Library of Australia. The polemics between Moses and Peter seemed to have a friendly tone in their voices, but the arguments that the Dialogi presented were a radically new way to attack Judaism. To include a comma in your tag, surround the tag with double quotes. His background was conveniently placed in the centre of contention between religions and circumstances that surrounded his upbringing, and provided the framework for polemics that would shape Medieval Judaic perception.

The Disciplina clericalis of Petrus Alfonsi was an unusual text in its own time and place. By at the latest he had emigrated to England, where he seems to have remained some years, before moving to northern France.

This doctrine was originally written to explain why Jews were not converting to Christianity.