The term Disneyfication (also Disneyisation) describes the transformation of a society to The term also appears in The Cultures of Cities (), by Sharon Zukin, and was popularized in The Disneyization of Society (), by Alan Bryman. I am grateful to: Blackwell Publishers for permission to use material from ‘The Disneyization of society’, The Sociological Review, 47 (1), , 25–47; SAGE. The Disneyization of Society [Alan Bryman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Alan Bryman has expanded on his internationally well-known.

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This was probably the most ambitious of disneyzation the attractions built for families in that it was a full theme park in its own right but closed down a few years after opening because of insufficient numbers of visitors. According to Falconer Al-Hindi and Tilldevelopments associated with New Urbanist principles could be found in at least 45 states. The gymnasium theme is evident not just in general ambience and style disneiyzation the store but also in the presence of a small basketball court.

Disneyfication – Wikipedia

In addition, they often have banking facilities in the form of actual bank branches or ATMs automatic teller machines. Manning and Callum-Swan There was a growing feeling in the industry that themed restaurant chains might be able to get away with mediocre food in prime tourist locations where there is a tradition of tourists going to such establishments, like Orlando, Las Vegas, and New York City, but in areas where repeat business is much more crucial, they would not get away with it.

Airport terminals A further illustration of hybrid consumption is the way in which many airports and terminals are being turned into mini-malls. James Reeves rated it it was amazing Oct 21, Hybrid consumption environments themselves frequently take on the characteristics of the spectacular because of the sheer variety of consumption opportunities they offer and especially when accompanied by theming.

The Disneyization of Society

Images of the past societg mined particularly for the sense of nostalgia they are frequently designed to evoke. Atlantic City, New Jersey, also has some giant casino-hotels with added attractions. In the UK, there are standard formats for the ubiquitous Indian restaurant such as flock wallpaper, zither music, plastercast models of Indian gods, and so on.

Fainstein and Judd In a sense, this is a case of triumph through nostalgia. Three points should be registered. The quotation on page disneyizaiton from the manager of Forum Shops is also indicative of this kind of thinking. Also, there are more reasons for visiting them in the first place so that they become destinations in their own right. Initially, some major combinations of consumption forms will be concentrated upon.


These 12 sources of theming are meant to form a backdrop to the analysis that follows. See for example, Huxtable In Chapter 6, I suggest that crucial to the successful soceity of Disneyization are control and surveillance and I outline the ways in which these are salient to the Disney theme parks and to Disneyized institutions and practices more generally. Disneyizxtion international differences notwithstanding, a point that will be returned to in Chapter 7.

Within a particular land, intrusions and distractions from the theme are minimised so that the visitor becomes immersed in its atmosphere.

It is a highly nostalgic, not to say romanticized rendition of the past. On the disneyisation hand, it is striking that in spite of these troubles, openings of themed restaurants continue although at a dksneyization hectic pace than in their mids heyday and rumours of new themes persist.

There are exceptions to this last point. In each case, there are simulations of the experience with recreations of a trench and a London street and bunker, along which the visitor can wander.

This principle does not translate entirely to the airport context because the main object of being in an airport terminal is that you are in transit. I am grateful to: Some theme parks, like Drayton Manor in the UK, incorporate a zoo amid the various rides and attractions.

In a sense, Gill misses a further Disney-related point here: The same kind of formula operates in connection with many areas of service provision: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Pretty interesting, but all the outlining I was forced to do for my soiety seminar kind of ruined it for me. In the final chapter, I link Disneyization to spciety issues to do with consumption and globalization.


In a sense, Disneyization takes disneykzation where McDonaldization leaves off. In practice, it is likely to be difficult to distinguish between concrete cases of Disneyization in terms of which process — structural or transferred — has taken place, but the distinction is instructive in that it reminds us that the Disney theme parks are much copied.

These have sought to capitalize on potent themes such as: Typically, the source of the theme is external to the institution or object to which it is applied. Three aquariums hold a number of varieties of prized fish, while almost seven hundred different kinds of animals in total are mounted in and around every department of the store.


Hamilton and Harlow noted a considerable growth in this area and suggested that in the early s sales at airport shops were growing three times faster than on the high street.

The Disneyization of Society – PDF Free Download

The questionnaires and interviews dealt with such issues as disneyizafion of Disney goods and viewing Disney films, feelings about the company, perceived values associated with Disney products, and the perception of Disney as a culturally imperialist institution or otherwise.

Sociery, Robinson argues that the process of theming is carried out predominantly by the mass media. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In addition, the Las Vegas hotel-casinos are also major venues for elaborate shows and sometimes indoor sporting events disnryization boxing. For the latter their significance and the case for visiting them must be impressed upon potential tourists. Inone journalist felt compelled to write: The Niketowns are particularly interesting and one of the stores, Niketown Chicago, has been the focus of two separate ethnographies.

However, it is not just such high-profile themed hotels that provide examples of this genre.

Each houses a massive disneyisation, although they could equally be described as casinos with hotels kf. Naomi rated it it was ok Jan 13, Not all that long ago, many terminals boasted little more than a duty free shop, a restaurant, and a shop selling newspapers and a small selection of disneyizatoon. In Luna Park, attractions such as recreations of the Johnstown flood ofthe eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the subsequent fall of Pompeii, and a Trip to the Moon provided the rudiments of theming, as did attractions relating to cultural, geographical and historical themes.

A further sign of theming is the use of ethnic theming. Essentially, the more consumption items that are fused, the longer people will stay in the venue to which they have been attracted in the first place.