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Low-priority incidents, such as fixing a bad docking station, might not get resolved for weeks while the IT support staff handles the most pressing issues presented to them at that moment.

Incidents come from users in whatever forms the organization allows. For this reason, the authors propose that in order for an IT or non-IT organization to be iil to introduce a service management based on the ITIL standard, one of the critical points will be the implementation of a Service Desk.

Operational incident management requires several key pieces: This new research discipline aims to address emerging issues in services with an interdisciplinary approach, and is expected to grow as a meeting place and forum for discussion of issues related to service, regardless of the original field of study of researchers and practitioners [18].

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In Information Systems this concept can be found in different contexts, either to refer to electronic or digital services, or to the infrastructure layer of organizations providing computing capabilities that help organizations achieve their goals [18].

Once the incident is diagnosed, staff can apply a solution, such as changing software settings, applying a software patch, or ordering new hardware. In the service provision, it is imperative to have a Service Desk, which is an outstanding mechanism that allows communication between users and coordination points for groups and IT processes.

The most important is the service desk. Major Incidents are defined by ITIL as incidents that represent significant disruption to the business. High-priority incidents affect a large number of users or customers, interrupt business, and affect service delivery. BMC Digital Workplace formerly MyIT modernizes your business with formless requests, context-aware services and crowdsourced collaboration.

The data gathered from tracking incidents allows for better problem management and business decisions. These incidents almost always have a financial impact. Incidents differ from both problems and requests.

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This happens when an incident requires advanced support, such as sending an on-site technician or assistance from certified support staff.

The third purpose is to documentwcion accurate incident tracking. The main goal docuumentacion to take user incidents from a reported stage to a closed stage. Incident management also involves creating incident models, which allow support staff to efficiently resolve recurring issues. This management process can be efficiently developed by using the ITIL standard, which is one of the most widely used frameworks for this purpose. Incident identification Incident logging Incident categorization Incident prioritization Incident response Initial diagnosis Incident escalation Investigation and diagnosis Resolution and recovery Incident closure The incident process provides efficient incident handling, which in turn ensures continual service uptime The first step in the life of an incident is incident identification.

The visibility of incident management makes it the easiest to implement and get buy-in for, since its value is evident to users at all iti, of the organization.

This phenomenon certainly requires the support and consideration of Information Technology and Communications ICT and its evolution in recent years. June 5 th February 27 th Communications of util ACM 49 7pp. Information Systems Management 28 1pp.

ITIL | IT Service Management | ITSM | AXELOS

In many organizations, this person may be an IT operations manager or an IT technical lead. In the search for documenyacion and customer value delivery, managing different areas of organizations relies heavily on information technology ITwhich is essential to properly manage the business processes of companies.

The assigned status means that an incident has been assigned to an individual service desk agent. Urgency is how quickly a resolution is required; impact is the measure of the extent of potential damage the incident may cause.

But the ITIL approach can also be used for any kind of services, not only for the IT service management, its original objective.

These are unplanned events that require help from the service provider to restore normal function. Incident resolution involves five steps: Second, it allows some issues to be automatically prioritized. Garden City, 59 7pp. It focuses solely on handling and escalating incidents as they occur to restore defined service levels. IT processes are included in the support process category, providing outputs in terms of the business’ required services [34].


Although technology transforms the interaction between organization and customer, expectations for the quality of service received are immutable. Communication of the ACM, 49 6pp.

ITIL – IT Service Management

FootPrints service desk delivers a user-friendly suite of on-premises tools to automate IT services itik and easily. In some organizations, a dedicated staff has incident management as their only role.

The closed status indicates that the incident is resolved and that no further actions can be taken.

Incident data guides organizations to make decisions that improve the quality of service delivered and decrease the overall volume of incidents reported. BMC Discovery formerly ADDM automatically discovers data center inventory, configuration, and relationship data, and maps business applications to the IT infrastructure. Quality of service has been defined both from an objective approach as well as from a subjective one.

As b3 consequence, an organization that implements a Service Desk based on ITIL will generate an added value in the following aspects: Incident statuses mirror the incident process and include: Thus, a suitable Service Documentaion, and a proper management of it, will manage the related processes more efficiently.

The logging process can also include categorization, prioritization, and the steps the service desk completes. After that, the use of ITIL as a frame of reference for enhancing quality is proposed, focused not only on IT but on any type of service in general.

Incident management follows incidents through the service desk to track trends in incident categories and time in each status. These processes take place during troubleshooting when the initial incident hypothesis is confirmed as being correct. A Service Desk has helped many companies to improve their processes, and its implementation is a high priority objective when an organization wants to follow ITIL best practices.

For most organizations, the process moves support from emailing back docujentacion forth to a formal ticketing system with prioritization, categorization, and SLA requirements. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. Categorization involves assigning a category and at dochmentacion one subcategory to the incident.