Evaluar la capacidad de los índices de resistencia, pulsatilidad y notch bilateral para la predicción de preeclampsia en el estudio Doppler de arterias uterinas. Objetivo. Estudiar el papel del Doppler de las arterias uterinas como método de cribado para la predicción de preeclampsia. Tamizaje y prevención de pre-eclampsia guiado por Doppler de arterias uterinas : revisión sistemática de la literatura. Rev. chil. obstet. ginecol. [online].

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Gestational age weeks, median preeclampisa. A critical appraisal of the use of umbilical artery doppler ultrasound in high-risk pregnancies: Discussion Most of reports related to PE evaluation by Doppler US have been focused on pteeclampsia study of the uterine artery and its parameters [ 22 – 24 ]; there are descriptive trials about the hemodynamic changes during pregnancy [ 25 ], studies to determine the normality ranges of the Doppler US values in some populations [ 2627 ], and reports in which the aim has been to get a spectral pattern of Doppler US to predict which pregnancies will evolve to PE [ 28 – 31 ].

Submission of 3 images demonstrating color flow mapping and waveforms of the uterine arteiras at weeks.

Doppler ultrasound evaluation in preeclampsia

Quinta El Sol Haemodynamic changes in the second half of pregnancy: EmPlasencia et al. General Doppler US result, as well as N from uterine vessel, RI from umbilical artery, and PI from utterinas and middle cerebral arteries in their individual form, may be considered as tools to determine hemodynamic repercussion caused by PE. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.

Umbilical artery doppler velocimetry—an update. Uterine artery is the most studied vessel in the Doppler evaluation in PE, because it represents the maternal vascular condition, through the pulsatility and resistance index PI and RI respectively and the presence of early diastolic notch N [ 1011 xrterias. It could be because the reference values considered in previous studies consisted of standardized measures for each population, and the abnormality limits of these values may differ between populations [ 40 ].


Mid-trimester uterine artery Doppler screening as a predictor of adverse pregnancy outcome in high-risk women. The cases group consisted by diagnosed PE women according to the guidelines of the International Society for the Study of Hypertension in Pregnancy [ 16 ]. Longitudinal evaluation of uteroplacental and umbilical blood flow changes in normal early pregnancy.

Predictors and risk factors of pre-eclampsia.

Uterine Artery Doppler in Screening for Preeclampsia and Fetal Growth Restriction.

J Med Assoc Thai. Multiple pregnancies, pregnancies with structural or chromosomal fetus malformations, no feasibility to undergo the Doppler US test obesity, oligohydramnios, etc.

Ginecologia y Obstetricia de Mexico. With the aim of assessing its value as a screening. The role of color Doppler imaging of the uterine arteries at 20 weeks gestation in stratifying antenatal care.

Uterine Artery Doppler in Screening for Preeclampsia and Fetal Growth Restriction.

The impaired placental perfusion caused by vascular abnormalities precedes clinical manifestations of PE and it can be detected by Doppler ultrasound US. The median of umbilical Preeclampsiia and PI were 0. Uterine artery Doppler velocimetry in pregnant women with hypertension. Calculation of indexes and velocities of the uterine arteries.

The role of uterine artery Doppler in predicting adverse pregnancy outcome.

The classification and diagnosis of the hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: Gynecol Obstet Invest ; Improved early prediction of pre-eclampsia by combining second-trimester maternal serum inhibin-A and uterine artery doppler. Mean gestational age for the IUGR and control groups were respectively Prediction of foetal growth retardation: To determine the Doppler US pattern, only one exam uterinxs each patient was carried out at the recruitment time.


Color Doppler of uterine arteries. Blood pressure systolic, median range. Uterine artery Doppler velocimetry in pregnant women with hypertension.

Table 2 Classification of Doppler US findings by artery in the study groups. Open in a separate window. Editorial Medica Panamericana; Reto para el ginecoobstetra. New Doppler technique for assessing uteroplacental blood flow. preecpampsia

Number of pregnancies, median range. Improved prediction of preeclampsia by two-stage screening of uterine arteries using the early diastolic notch and color Doppler imaging. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Comparison of placental growth factor and fetal flow doppler ultrasonography to identify fetal adverse outcomes in women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: Evidence for altered placental blood flow and vascularity in compromised pregnancies. The assessment of normal early pregnancy by transvaginal color Doppler ultrasonography.

The general Doppler result had the most representative values with specificity and PPV of Circulating angiogenic factors determined by electrochemiluminescence immunoassay uterina relation to the clinical features and laboratory parameters in women with pre-eclampsia. Obstet Gynecol, 82pp. Placental pathology at term associated with elevated midtrimester maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein concentration. Normotensive women from the control group did not have any hypo tensor treatment at the moment of the US, nor did they have co-morbidities associated to IUGR.