Dreve Highlights / Highlightsflyer /more. The Dreve earmold – our passion – is a central component for the fitting of. Please login! Currently you are not logged in as a Dreve customer. Please log.

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We only use selected raw materials for the manufacturing of our Dreve products and produce according to latest digital technologies.

Hearing aid systems with standard tubing. How to contact otpplastik Dreve is constantly expanding and improving the portfolio to support you best possibly in your daily work. Earmold and filter Packaging incl. Customers who receive their first hearing aid or with minor hearing losses show very often a high level of acceptance for these kind of hearing systems. The filters reduce the volume while they keep a natural sound quality and furthermore achieve a good speech intelligibility.

According to our guiding principle “Innovation from Tradition”, we want to offer you, as an expert drevf the hearing aid industry, innovative quality products only. First Class for ears: For a successful hearing aid fitting: For many people a otolastik and restful sleep is only wishful thinking. Start page Our passion. Customized hearing protection during flights. This fact distinguishes us from others. The EU regulation applies in all EU member states and is legally binding.


Buyer’s Guide

The functional test must be carried out by the acoustician at the time of initial delivery, at the latest 6 months after delivery of the hearing protection.

How to order earmolds online: Micro tubing hearing aid systems offer the advantage that almost all ear canals can be supplied in a cosmetically appealing way. Our products comprise a large selection of silicones, acrylates tooplastik lacquers otoplastjk have been specifically designed to support you in your manual work flow as well as to facilitate your fabrication of custom-fit earmolds.

With our customized ComfortNight earmolds your customers can have a peaceful sleep again and start the next day perfectly relaxed. Recommend the use of RIC earmolds to your customers in order to ensure the best possible hearing aid fitting and to suppress resonances, distortions or acoustic feedbacks. Design and functionality cleverly oroplastik. Customized splash water protection. Our earmolds meet highest quality standards regarding acoustic benefits and cosmetic demands.

To develop a Dreve device we aim for two major aspects: It combines the advantages of an easy handling with innovative technologies. The new regulation understands harmful noise as an irreversible health risk. Therefore Dreve provides professional and high quality earmold products. For a silent and relaxing sleep. Moreover, RIC earmolds allow an ideal placement of the receiver in the ear canal and protect from losing the valuable hearing device.

Therefore it is important to protect sensitive ears. That is why we dedicate ourselves also to the little things like accessory products – from drills to mixing tips. Our passion Customized earmolds. Customized hearing protection for musicians and music fans.


Our earmold lab has many years of experience in the digital production of customized earmolds.

Dreve Otoplastik: Contact

Maximum comfort and perfect fit in the ear Pleasant noise attenuation Good speech intelligibility Easy to insert and to remove Easy to clean, e. How to get an overview: For products approved according to DIN ENthe performance of a functional test by an acoustician is required by law. We accompany and support you with our product portfolio and services ranging from ear impression taking over the manufacturing of the individual earmold as well as to care products for hearing systems.

SmartOrder archives the result of the functional test for the acoustician. Our aim is to offer the best possible hearing aid supply with the greatest possible wearing comfort and fit – for your customer.

Due to the automated 3D production process of the earmolds we achieve a consistently high quality level. Our biocompatible drevd meet today’s quality requirements and guidelines.