Audio File Only: Important Information on Ascension and the Merkaba. What we have to say in this audio I hope will assist you in remembering the true. Mer Ka Ba Meditation. CD [Drunvalo Melchizedek] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. IN THE GERMAN LANGUAGE. FULL title is. How to Activate Your LightBody / Merkaba = (By Drunvalo Melchizedek) – YouTube. Drunvalo Melchizedek – The 17 Breath MER-KA-BA Meditation – Esoteric.

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The two sets of tetrahedrons take off spinning. Though this is very easy to do, it is an extremely powerful movement. This sphere of prana cannot grow larger.

Drunvalo Melchizedek – Teachings and Books

If you cannot do this, you must at least open to this love as much as is possible for you. Only the tube that runs through the star, from the apex of the male tetrahedron above your head to the apex of the female tetrahedron below your feet, needs to be seen and worked with.

On the inhale of the 14th breath, at the very beginning of the breath, move the point where the two beams of prana meet from the navel to the sternum, the fourth dimensional chakra. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. This is the most amazing breath. When you feel the tension begin to fade, begin to open your heart. You should feel an electrical sensation move down your spine.

Become aware of the female tetrahedron, apex pointing to the earth, point facing to the back for males, point facing to the front for femalesalso filled with the brilliant white light BODY: If you put your longest finger in the centre of your navel, the line on your wrist defining your hand will show you the radius of the maximum size of this sphere for YOU.

If they cannot do that, then at least lead them through with the photographs. Use your feminine side to just be. Then fill the higher portion of the lungs, protruding the upper mrrkaba, thus lifting mediation chest, including the upper six or even pairs of ribs.


At the moment of exhale, make a small hole with your lips and blow out your air with pressure. Breath Yogic and rhythmically an deeply again, but only for the next three breaths, after that return to the shallow breathing.

Sphere grows brighter and brighter as you inhale.

This, however, is not the correct idea. Therefore Breath Number Seventeen is necessary. At first reading it may appear that this breath consists of three distinct movements. This extends one hand length above your head and one hand length below your feet. This very special breath will not be taught here. This is the most important instruction of all. However, if you continue to breathe from your Christ centre without moving on to the MER-KA-BA, which is what is recommended until you have made contact with your Higher Self, then shift to a shallow breath.

It is the breath that will take you through the speed of light into the fourth dimension. Avoid a jerky series of inhalations, and strive to attain a steady continuous action.

However, at this point, this sphere is not stable. About half way through this inhale, as the sphere continues to brighter, the prana sphere reaches critical mass.

In this case you will direct the two beams of prana to meet at your navel, or more correct, within your body at navel level, inside the tube. Breathe rhythmically and shallow. Here an entirely new breathing pattern begins. This combined exercise will clean out the negative thoughts and feelings that have entered into your electrical system.

Breathe through your nostrils only, except at certain places which will be described. Relax and just feel the flow of the prana flowing from the two medittaion and meeting at the navel and then expanding out to the large sphere. It is just like starting the motor of a car, but having the transmission in neutral.

Just feel the flow. At this same moment, with empty lungs, begin to breath in a complete yogic manner.

Flower of Life and Merkaba – Drunvalo Melchizedek

Perhaps this description will be helpful. And from all life we will receive our manna. To begin the meditation, first sit down and relax. You have returned to the ancient form of spherical breathing.


You are now ready for the next step. There is another refinement here that can be used after you have perfected this meditation. If you share this information with others, please make sure they have all the knowledge leading to this understanding. Continue to breathe rhythmically, being aware of your breath, and feel the Meerkaba moving through your spirit. Remember, unconditional love for all life must be felt through out all of this meditation or no results will be realized.

This is the reason this particular speed is selected. One is the body itself, and is locked in place and never, except under certain conditions, moves.

Full text of “Drunvalo Melchizedek Merkaba Meditation”

If I can be of help in any way, or if there is anything that is not clear, please give me a call or write. You probably merkaga not be able to see this because of their tremendous speed, but you can feel it. BODY For the next seven breaths merkqba the same mudra for both inhale and exhale, the thumb, first and second touching together palms up.

Also, this looking up motion should not be extreme. The second whole star tetrahedron is male in nature, it is electrical, is literally the human mind and rotates counter-clockwise relative to your body looking out, or to put it another way, it rotates toward your left side.

Breathing through the nostrils, inhale steadily, first filling the lower part mdeitation the lungs, which is accomplished by bringing into play the diaphragm, which descending exerts a gentle pressure on the abdominal organs, pushing forward the front walls of the abdomen.