Sir Michael Dummett, a well-known British philosopher, is the foremost scholar in the field of Tarot history, with numerous books and articles to his credit. He is a. Sir Michael Anthony Eardley Dummett, FBA was an English academic described as “among the most significant British. Game of Tarot has 5 ratings and 2 reviews. Philebus said: First of all, contrary to the listing here, this book was not published by US Game Systems but.

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Sagan marked it as to-read Jul 19, Intellectuals, scholars and other serious-minded people are prone to consider playing games a trivial occupation on which no one would expend any genuine effort; for some reason that entirely escapes me, they do not consider pretentious rigmaroles purporting to reveal dummmett future to be equally trifling.

Get to Know Us. The enlightenment attitude of historical research based on evidence and verification dispels the fog of a supposed esoteric ori- gin of Tarot pack revealing the importance of the role of Triumphs in the his- tory of ttarot games, without any connection with an original divinatory usage.

Game of Tarot by Michael Dummett

The History of the Occult Tarot. His analysis of the historical evidence suggested that fortune-telling and occult interpretations were unknown prior to the 18th century. It is therefore reasonable to study the origin and the function of Tarot backwards in Renaissance society analysing the role of Major Arcana without any refer- ence to Marseille Tarot, which was used for divination only at a later stage.

I gave specific reasons for supposing that this happened during the French occupation of Milan.

May Christin marked it as to-read Feb 10, To ask other readers questions about Game of Tarotplease sign up. Thanks for telling us about the problem. In Tarot, where there are four plain suits and it is compulsory to play a trump when unable to follow suit, at least a similar proportion is essential. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Books dummegt Michael Dummett.

But the history of tarog Tarot pack to be found in the works of occultist writers is pseudo history, bearing no relation to the actual facts; and when the historical facts are looked at, they tell an altogether different story.

Causal theory of reference Contrast theory of meaning Contrastivism Conventionalism Cratylism Deconstruction Descriptivist theory of names Direct reference theory Dramatism Expressivism Linguistic determinism Logical atomism Logical positivism Mediated reference theory Nominalism Non-cognitivism Phallogocentrism Quietism Relevance theory Semantic externalism Semantic holism Structuralism Supposition theory Symbiosism Theological noncognitivism Theory of descriptions Verification theory.


But they appear never to have taken the trouble to acquaint themselves with the ascertainable facts about the history of the Tarot pack, and this is the main accusation that can yarot made against them. This argues a high stage of development of the Tarot pack when it occurred in Italy, and it is just this condition in respect of playing-cards which Dummett uses to adduce that these were not a Western European invention but a foreign introduction.

The pages of The Game of Tarot are printed two columns to the page with learned footnotes by the hundred, some of them over a column in length. He wrote on the history of analytic philosophynotably as an interpreter of Fregeand made original contributions particularly in the philosophies of mathematicslogiclanguage and metaphysics.

There may even be symbolism there that is not apparent to us. His encyclopedic, groundbreaking, and painstakingly documented “The Game of Tarot: Axiology Cosmology Epistemology Feminist metaphysics Interpretations of quantum mechanics Meta- Ontology Philosophy of mind Philosophy of psychology Philosophy of self Philosophy of space and time Teleology Theoretical physics.

From analytical philosophy to voting analysis and beyond”. But what of the magical doctrine of the Renaissance? Monica marked it as to-read Feb 04, Alex Mogyla marked it as to-read Jan 23, Adam marked it as to-read Apr 23, The evalu- ation is drastically negative, tending to show that they invented a tradition from nothing.

A detailed analysis of card games during the early Renaissance period suggests that in the Courts of Italy — while trick-taking games were already well known in Europe — a new invention excited the card players to such a degree that it spread throughout Europe: Category Task Force Discussion. But it is a slow process. The haze dissolves when we study the Tarot games in their effective function- ing.

Dummett showed that the middle of the 18th century saw a great development in the game of Tarot, including a modernized deck with French suit-signs, and without the medieval allegories that interest occultists, along with a growth in Tarot’s popularity.

The cards may thus be used in meditative cabalism as mandalas for traversing the paths of the Tree.

Michael Dummett – Biographical Notes: Tarot and Playing Card Researchers

Aaron marked it as to-read Jun 13, This puts in doubt any firm association for which, again, there is no evidence from preth-century sources between them and the Hebrew letters. Rather, I understand him as endorsing the view, rejected by me but propounded by Robert Steele and Gertrude Moakley, that the set of 22 trumps originally existed as an independent set before being joined to trot suit cards to form the composite pack, and as coupling this with the occultist idea that the cards correspond to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.


Let us start with the criticism of Locke: However, this text remains the only detailed account published of development of the cards themselves, the trumps and their themes. If he were right on both points, there would remain much in common between us, supposing that I have interpreted him correctly.

Game of Tarot

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Arrow and John Rawlsand by the economist Mark A. I will present the main lines of his tarpt, starting with some basic undisputable data, which can be summarized as follows: Tarot cards were known only for card games for nearly years until French occultists invented an occult history form them at the end of the 18th century.

It should also be stressed that Dummett is the sole author: For example, the psychological change in our conceptions of meaning of any statements should be properly taroot, because if not, there exists an alteration and confusion of meaning, and of course a failure in grasping truth-values. In any case, it is not certain that 22 is the original number of trump cards counting the Fool as a trump: Therefore a plain game of cards is supposed to be at the origin of the Tarot packs in Italian Courts at the begin- ning of the XV Century.

Hence, when they contemplate an artefact as beautiful and intricate as the Tarot pack, they cannot bring themselves to believe it to have been invented for play: Certainly playing-card packs consisting solely of picture cards were known in 15th-century Italy.

There is a question here of burden of proof. I spent a year in Oxford having weekly meetings with him, speaking of philo- sophy, experiencing his strong temperament also in personal matters, and dis- cussing aspects of anti-realism and verification, without having any idea of his interest in Tarot, which was never mentioned in xummett meetings.