French author Claire de Duras’s novel Ourika (), originally published anonymously, centers around the true story of a woman who was purchased as a . Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 3 by duchesse de Claire de Durfort Duras. Ourika by duchesse de Claire de Durfort Duras. No cover. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Ourika, by Claire Duras This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere in the United States and most other parts of the world at .

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Apparently this is the first European story with a black protagonist. Jun 14, Carolyn Heinze rated it did not like it Recommends it for: In order to show off Ourika’s talents, Mme de B. If nothing else, Ourika ‘s short enough that a reader could easily reread the novel after getting the historical and societal context from the premise. But it was written around and set during the French Revolution.

Paperback47 pages. This remarkable scene is telling of the novel’s main premise: Jan 22, Lauren rated it really liked it. She is vastly different from the other protagonists of her time.

This study guide contains the following sections: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ourika by Claire de Duras

For the Moroccan town and commune, see Ourika, Morocco. This era was a time when few women were published, and male authors took offense to Mme de Duras being a successful author.

Ourika is about a Senegalese woman saved as a child from slavery by an aristocrat Madame de B. Sep 23, Connie rated it really liked it.


Please see for yourself; it doesn’t ta The shortest and strangest book I read in a long while.

Claire de Duras

I say “limited respect” because white French peopl This brief, bittersweet novel was a courageous pheonmenon in France in the s. The forewords I mention are interesting in that they date fromjust before the technology revolution enabled the warp speed of social change as well.

She sees herself as one who carries the burden of having an “irremediable stain of color” in a high class French society. Her interest in the idea of emancipating the Negroes only made her ashamed to belong to a race of barbarous murderers after the massacres at Santo Kurika.

This story could have, in all honestly, been told over the course of pages. One of the books mentioned? The Introduction consists of two essays, by Joan DeJean and Margaret Waller respectively, about Claire de Duras and the significance of her decision to write about an educated black woman shortly ourikka the French Revolution.

This drives her into depression, or “melancholy,” that is so deep that she almost dies. Young Ourika ourikz in love with her patroness’s son, but Charles marries a sixteen-year-old girl of noble family: I planned to read it last year, but shortly before outika, I read an article about books inspired by other books. View the Study Pack. Ourika was published as far away as St Petersburg, and enjoyed a wide readership. Minus two forewords, which I recommend reading afterit clocks in at just 45 pages.

Why was I condemned to exist? The shortest and strangest book I read in a long while. A few male contemporaries attempted to use Mme de Dugas name as an attempt to have their own works published.


I didn’t regret being black. The young woman presents well the sentiments of immigrants and a sense of dis belonging. He brought her to Paris to live with his aunt, Madame de B, and dras son Charles. Follow Us on Facebook.

An English Translation by Claire de Duras. Ourika is a three-diminsional character rather than a stereotype, who narrates most of her own story.

Ourika: An English Translation Summary & Study Guide

My tears stopped; I told myself that it was quite easy to deceive those whose interest lay elsewhere. This forty seven page story is b Ourika, first published by Claire de Duras in France inis a noteworthy short story that discusses that place of Africans in French society during the early 19th century. In France, slavery was not abolished until Ourika is an novel by Claire ouroka Durasoriginally published anonymously. Mar 23, Brina rated it liked it Shelves: That said, for those who prefer to read a story without knowing what happens, perhaps read the preface after the novel.

Then again, what chance would ougika Senegalese ojrika rescued from slavery have had to make her voice heard in real life years ago? I tend to believe the contrary: She explored many fundamental principles of oyrika French Revolution, and touched upon the intellectual debates of the Age of Enlightenment, particularly the equality of all men—and women. Feb 11, Kevin Orr rated it really liked it. This page was last edited on 16 Septemberat