At the higher end of the market, DVDO also sold the iScan VP50 and VP50 Pro. Originally retailing for thousands, these units are once again. The DVDO iScan VP is a high-definition video processor and A/V hub. This device converts standard or high definition from the user’s DVD Player, VCR, PVR. John checks out the DVDO iScan VP50PRO – a tasty THX Video certified and HDMI enabled video processor.

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My typical HD test sequences, composed of the typical mix of Sci fi movies The Fifth Element – Lilu’s birth scene, several Star Wars sequences produced amazing results. The processor also has the ability to accept future upgrades via software updates. This is strange and has been reported to the company. Deinterlacing is a standard feature in projectors and most DVD players, and deinterlacing quality has been improving consistently over the past few years to the point where most projectors do a wonderful job.

I personally believe that there are two types of processor owners. The side effects of this artifact removal are quite small but noticeable primarily on text e. But the VP50’s processing takes image quality up a few extra notches, resulting in a crystal-clear picture with astounding detail.

DVDO iScan Vp50 Model Mm605 Video Processor

As far as video is concerned, we tested the effects of HDMI 1. Something that ABT has not improved upon in quite a while is the scaling algorithm. The test sequence was sent to ABT for review. Anchor Bay Technologies Introduction. The Gamma Correction feature is a new addition that gives you the ability to change global gamma settings mostly useful for projectors or individual color gamma values mostly useful for.


This is a test DVD that I recorded, composed of the toughest 2: Since the VP50 processes both audio and video, it can slightly delay a source’s audio track to better match its video. ABT has pioneered the use of adaptive audio inputs for their products.

PReP detects this, splits the signal back down to fields and attempts to properly re-interlace the source.

I need to test this with a lot more sources to be fully convinced that it works. Write a review zryvrcsq. A nice addition that users have been asking for in recent years, is an alternate silver front panel for the unit.

When using an interlaced signal from i up through ithe Svdo uses edge, source, and motion-adaptive deinterlacing to eliminate jaggies and other motion artifacts common to interlaced signals. As dvo Pioneer plasma supports 72 Hz, I tried this, but saw no real benefit projector owners will probably see a slightly cvdo image with less judder. With fixes like the Faroudja DCDi algorithm, video was barely edible – but add something a bit more complex like 2: Please explain the problem you are having.

DVDO iScan VP50 and VS4 Shipping

Reviews 0 Write a review zryvrcsq. However, there are quite a few situations where you can’t really conform to that requirement. Let us know if we need to take a look at this page or fix a bug. Unfortunately, both the silver and black front panels don’t really deliver the goods. ABT has been hard on the heels of these issues, and they hope that the upcoming firmware releases will mark them a historical footnote.


DVDO iScan Vp50 Model Mm Video Processor | eBay

When a Panamorph lens is in use, the processor simply crops off the black lines, and upscales the non-black pixel rows of the source to fully iscwn the screen. I’m still convinced, of course, that processors should get the source material as closely as possible to the original content i.

This allows you to get unprecedented picture quality out of your set-top box or HD receiver, and results in a cleaner, sharper picture with far fewer deinterlacing artifacts. Next, I subjected the unit to a test round of torture.

Like I said, I am not convinced the difference is night and day, I would say that it’s far closer to optimal than what you would get without a processor in the middle. The VP50 is no exception, and it contains a single analog audio input I would have preferred at least one moretwo optical digital and one coaxial digital audio input, as bp50 as the ability to decode audio standard formats only, not isfan HDMI 1.

Game modes allow dvdoo sub-1 frame delay with edge adaptive processing enabled and 2 frame delay with both edge and motion adaptive processing enabled. For time-sensitive applications like video games, “Game Mode” cuts this time down even further.

I remember not too long ago when using the video mode was my equivalent of water torture.