Sewage Treatment Plants. DVZ – JZR “ BIOMASTER”®. Biological Sewage. The innovative product range of DVZ specially for Luxury and Mega Yachts. Sewage Treatment Plant DVZ-JZR ” BIOMASTER”® (customized version for .

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Do not stand near the intake opening during operation. Liquid chlorine is aggressive, and poisonous. Valve sewage into Treatment Tank. If the pump is to be left out in open air, protect it by waterproof canvas. Vorsicht ist geboten bei der Handhabung aller Teile. Get rid of unnecessary curves, valves dka constrictions.

Each Air Lift should be pumping vigorously and the water surface should be turbulent, indicating flow to all parts of the Treatment Tank. Used but still working. It will take days for the bacterial culture to grow to normal operating strength. Water may freeze and dka the pump casing! Approximately one litre of antifreeze is required for each litre water remaining in the Treatment tank.


Add antifreeze to Treatment Tanks if water must be left in tank. Make sure that the Treatment Tanks vent is the size specified in the installation instruction or larger throughout its entire length. If the run is aftward ship, make sure that the slope is greater than the list of the vessel.

Der Antriebsmotor ist mit einem Motorschutzschalter abzusichern. The side-channel blower may never be operated with open discharge flange, and therefore has to be protected with a wire guard in accordance with DIN EN Before doing this, set discharge Pump s to ON and watch Disinfecting tank sight glass aka prevent flooding.


If the bacterial culture has started properly it will revert to clear. There should be no flow into the unit, Valves in drains to the unit must be closed. Powerful blow-out at the discharge flange. However, to ensure a high quality effluent at all times, it is recommended to monitor the effluent quality by visual inspection during the first days after starting up.

Flush the drain cock before taking the sample. Contact us for further information. Installation to be in accordance with class and safety rules. Check with your process people to see if any special decontamination procedures have to be followed before working on a pump.

Shut off electrical power to system. Do not subject to vibrations or shock. If it can be anticipated, that the ship will go to restricted waters, a sludge pump out shall be performed a few days before, in open unrestricted discharge waters, to ensure full operational time available without need of de-sludging.

Always wash up with water and preferably disinfecting soap after works. The water should be odorless. The frequence of pumpout is determined by operating history and the owner’s requirements. Side-channel blower with base; to be secured tightly at side of operation on solid, even ground. Handle with rubber gloves and use safety glasses. Note that lines and valves must not be unscrewed from systems that are under pressure! Using them for – aggressive – poisonous – explosive or – very most media is not permitted.

DVZ – SKA BIOMASTER – PLUS – DVZ-Group – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Boating Brochures

If the blower motor will only operate when the blower button dbz manually held on, the blower starter auxiliary contacts are not closing in parallel with the blower button contacts. Always switch off the voltage supply before working on the system! Where pumps, pump units or components weigh in excess of 20 kg 44 lb.

  INZ 1017 PDF

Apply electric power to the unit from a main circuit breaker with fuses. The media must be fluid and without any solid particles. Describtion lateral blower discharge pump sensor electrode 4.

Protective coatings on unpainted surfaces should be inspected and left intact. Connections to be carried out in accordance with wiring diagram in terminal boy and relevant local regulations. Upon receipt of cleared funds, Seller will provide the Buyer a Release Order for item pick up.


In case of sks, use water. Reach a wider audience of customers. Observe local and class rules when connecting the pipes to the system, for any local or special requirements. Switch off the metering pump. Aufbau der Sonde vorgegebene min.

Close chloride container with cap. The sucking-in of solid particles and other containments which might be discharged – must be avoided at all times.

DIN standard, in centerline of the tank can differ in special cases Connect the waste water pipe to this flange. Biomaster View more items from this manufacturer Model: Side-channel blowers dv meant for conveying clean air only.