The Ecotechnic Future has ratings and 28 reviews. Ted said: A hard book for me to review, so I’m going to put it off for awhile. The book is just ful. Get the The Ecotechnic Future at Microsoft Store and compare products with the latest customer reviews and ratings. Download or ship for free. Free returns. The industrial age made possible by fossil fuels will surely decline as these fuels run out. In The Ecotechnic Future John Michael Greer alerts the listener to.

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Greer mentions that a teenager on the day of the Etats-General in would have been a grandmother after Waterloo in Some of it is really scary and hard hitting stuff, which is hard to stomach. The automobile age is over.

This is the first time I’ve come across the idea of applying the ecological theory of succession, including the concepts of R-adaptation and K-adaptation, to human societies Pages are full of with hot air yet he misses obvious issues. It seems that Greer is the first to apply the ecological concept of succession to explain the rise and fall of societies.

He sees us discarding the cultural blinkers which have made us regard the natural world as a minor irrelevance to our energy consuming industrial infrastructure: Since we have no permanent money supply then this leads to only one conclusion — economic collapse. Perhaps peevishly, I’m a little horrified at his, albeit brief, summary of Hegel’s historicism and his dismissal of it, but that is an aside to the book’s argument, so I won’t belabor it in a review.

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However, just at the moment I thought I was going to buy a hundred copies, and mail them to everyone I knew, it all came to a grinding halt. Of course, at the cost of a more restricted access to goods and services when compared to the globalized supply chains of today. Greer tells us that we have reached ecological limits, and must face up to the fact that ”deeply unsatisfactory conditions cannot be solved but must be lived with The troubling and exhilarating prospect of an open-ended future, he proposes, requires dissensus—a deliberate acceptance of radical diversity that widens the range of potential approaches to infinity.


As he slaps his wrist So, just a couple facts about John Michael Greer, then I leave this review for now. Additional information Publisher New Society Publishers. While many seem to think that an end to the globalized economy will come in an Armaggedon-esque collapse scenario replete with hordes of the angry urban poor looting the countryside while heroic loners that foresaw the crash pump them full of ammo to defend their homestead, Greer is convincing that empires and societies do not collapse overnight, and in ways that aren’t likely to grace plot-lines of blockbuster films.

John Michael Greer “The Ecotechnic Future” | A Good Life

It’s quite a revealing, shocking but also strangely rewarding experience. Greer brilliantly inspires us fture integrate the two in our thinking and to construct local communities which concretely exemplify this comprehensive vision.

His emphasis on incremental and small changes that can be scaled up to larger scale changes appeals to me, as does his conviction that we begin the process in the world we already occupy–in the cities, towns, neighborhoods, and communities, that already exist.

Ecotechnkc will triumph over peak oil — society will go on. Did it make you laugh or cry? Those familiar with his other work will recognize his way with words. So fuyure Greer believe in future of non-bland decision-making that avoids conventional wisdom but uses conventional democracy? Say this for Greer: It’s very well written, and there are parts of this book I genuinely found interesting. Lists with This Book. In The Ecotechnic FuturwGreer appropriates terminology from a variety of disciplines, including ecology, anthropology, evolutionary biology, the history of ideas and the s appropriate technology movement.

John Michael Greer “The Ecotechnic Future”

Mark Sundeen Futre by: But Greer regards efforts to establish an ecotechnic society right in the here and now as misguided.

Much better on description of the problem than prescription of solutions. Conservation begins in our minds, but demands much more than that. In The Ecotechnic Future, John Michael Greer argues that the reason our globalized civilization faces this catastrophe is because our definition of technology is wholly misguided and counters with a realistic vision of the future.

This is the ”Long Descent” into a new society which Greer estimates will take one to threel hundred years. Be the first to ask a question about The Ecotechnic Future. Listened to five times now!


Futture is useful to remember that we are living in a fossil fuel age that is but a blip in the long story of humanity. John Michael Greer has officially established himself as an institution within the peak oil community. Fusing human ecology and history, this book challenges assumptions held by mainstream and alternative thinkers about the evolution of human societies. In contrast, the ecotechnic society that Greer sees as the inevitable successor to abundance industrialism is one that relies wholly on renewable energy resources, and that ecotechhic a premium on using them as efficiently as possible at the expense of reduced access to goods and services.

John Michael Greer Looks Forward to Our Ecotechnic Future

Jan 17, Chris Chester rated it liked it Shelves: Jan 28, Guy rated it really liked it Shelves: If futyre saves us from this possibility, it will do so without ffuture precedence. This is an important logical weakness, since if it is possible to get a significant renewable electrical generation capacity up and running before everything breaks down then we have a much better chance of saving significant parts of our current technological infrastructure and making the transition to a sustainable future in decades rather than centuries.

I have few words left to express without exaggeration my level of admiration and approval I can show ecotecgnic this man. Human societies, like ecosystems, evolve in complex and unpredictable ways, making it futile to try to impose rigid ideological forms on the patterns of evolutionary change.

Review: The Ecotechnic Future by John Michael Greer – Resilience

There is no golden bullet and no magic solution. It is useful to remember that we are living in a fossil fuel age that ecotecchnic but a blip in the long story of humanity. He has the multidisciplinary smarts to deeply understand our human dilemma as we stand on the verge of the inevitable collapse of industrialism.

Butterflies just love ants He’s upfront about not having all ecotechnuc answers, making clear that the future will be made by action and not speculation. Wicked as in Witch Next review: Greer has written many books on things like natural magic, etc.