By now most people have heard about the EF Strategy Guide, but that this work goes beyond the manual included with the game itself. Instructions on installing EF V2 on 64 bit Windows are available. .. If you have a specific EF TrackIR profile, assign it to the game. Super EF – Manual. Game Title, Super EF Document Type, Manual. Platform, PC (DOS/Windows). Author, paulo_becas (stats). Author website.

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None of this applies to Wingmen three and four as they will operate on there own in combat. And what if you can’t do either? IF you remember this and keep tabs on your number two with F5 everybody should survive a lot longer.

EF2000 (Special Edition) download

For anyone that has looked at a WARGEN flight route, this lets you know you were right all along – change the flight paths! So we obviously wanted to see just what the book had to say. Capt Keith Marlowe Here’s another approach to inflight refueling which works for me.

It seems to be more effective at that setting. Jeffrey Bush ft is a good altitude to start a bombing run. There is no emergency landing option in the current release. How can I make sure that I’ll hit the right structure?

These missions walk you through various aspects of these important functions. In ground attack missions do not issue orders to wingmen after you have reached the IP and they will proceed to attack the mission target. Nige One simple mannual.


+READ+ Ef game manual for madden == – UM6SS DIGITAL

Remember all the posts on how hard it was to refuel? Here are my notes on air-refueling: Explained in this section is what the different level settings do for or against you. A closure gaje a 2 foot dish at 50 knots? It represents the collective wisdom of a number of different pilots.

Can anyone suggest the best altitude and AOA for delivery of cluster munitions and rockets? This section takes all you have learned so far and helps you apply it in an on hand environment. Joe Gayle When I’m flying a cap there is a waypoint ef200, it’s the landing waypoint but I can’t get to it. Of course, you could order him to cover you instead. Don’t switch to landing HUD mode until you see the field. The Basic Section is broken into Missions, a different mission to teach the nuances of each weapon and it’s delivery.

The basic weapons delivery missions are excellent. The trick to maintaining a good closure speed is to use the autothrottle set to kts, which is about 7kts faster than the tanker. Cliff When I’m flying a cap there is a waypoint 8, it’s the landing waypoint but I can’t get to it.

There is also ef0200 section on getting to the target in one piece. Each of these sections give you insights on what gake need to consider from pilots that have “been there, done that”. What do I do when the Wingman says, “I’ll engage, you cover. MAYBE it could be in the patch. Sometimes you may be faced with manua wait while ATC gets their act together.


PC (DOS/Windows)

If there are no enemies, I don’t want to fly in circles for very long. Don’t rely too much on DASS. Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like.

The mission run through gives new pilots a great lesson in how and why to gqme like a fighter pilot. I think that it is safe to say that I am very impressed with the book.

New pilots should pay very close attention to the “What not to do” sections as well as the tips on how to get into and out of a target alive. My favorite is not even mentioned, but these are sure fire, guaranteed to work if executed properly. What I do is roll inverted and pull back on the stick to avoid negative G’s really reds out on efthen align myself with target, keeping my nose down on target usually about degrees.

I expected some glaring mistakes and erroneous data that only someone with way too many hours flying this sim would catch. Ricky Schehr Check the manual again.