KUMIS QUINUA. kumis quinua LACTEOSBOL. By ceyla90 | Updated: Nov. 5, , p.m.. Loading Slideshow Movie. Modo de elaboración. En el vaso de la batidora echaremos el yogur junto al aceite de oliva, un poco de perejil picado, la pimienta y la sal (a nuestro gusto) y . Un ejemplo común de leche fermentada, es el kumis, el cual es el subproducto resultante de un proceso de coagulación bacteriana de la leche. ¿Que es una.

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In the agricultural kukis component, three productive systems are notable, which have obtained satisfactory economic results and that have substantially contributed to the generation of farm resources. English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Arauca, Colombia.

For the production of eggs, kmuis the current production system is proposed but in a more intense manner; that is to say, increase the number of hens to fully exploit the production that is found in the spaces that are large enough to increase the animal density in the chicken houses.

The processes are geared towards production without planning or control of the costs and the revenue reflects a negative profit. Taking into account the current conditions and need of the farm, Fig.

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As with all planning, strategic planning is mobile and flexible and must be analyzed at certain intervals to make necessary changes, for which an evaluation plan of results must be implemented. Currently, the organizational and management model of the El Cairo farm is not suitable from the point of view of the mission objectives of research and teaching.

Table 2 presents the current state of the distinct subsystems of the farm. Unity, Transparency, Cooperation, Efficiency and Elaboraccion management.

The development of the research was carried out in two stages: Managin in turbulen times. This indicator is used to evaluate and control the sale of products from the productive projects; with this indicator, the growth percentage was analyzed for farm sales over a period comprised of the three years prior to the new operational scheme.

The goal at the administrative level is to promote and generate measures that would allow for taking control of the research and generate, in a joint effort with the university, research agendas that would allow for integration with local and regional entities in order to meet the needs of the agricultural sector of this zone.


Recognize that the El Cairo farm is a fundamental component of the strengthening of the teaching and research processes that are developed at the branch. This indicator will constitute a tool for the evaluation of the regional projection of the farm, reflected in the growth rate of clients and service users and as a result of the implementation of the marketing plan.

With the information supplied by the farm directors, five products were identified that, in the long-term, have been commercialized on a regular basis, generating revenue that has proven to be advantageous for the low-scale producers of the region; these products are: The present study aimed to design a strategic management plan for the farm, based primarily on a situational diagnosis and secondly on strategies at the financial, organizational, marketing, production, and evaluation levels for an operational period of five years, focusing efforts on the achievement of the mission objectives proposed with its creation.

At the livestock production level, better results have been obtained in regards to sale volumes in the production systems of eggs, cachama, and raw milk. Provide support for the processes of teaching, research, and continuing education through the development of sustainable production programs that serve as regional models of production.

The concept of strategic planning was created during the 60s and 70s in response to the needs of the time that arose from the goals and challenges faced by companies of the period Drucker In developing a new operational plan for the El Cairo Farm, financial strategies must be carried out that will interrelate all the complied information through the use of accounting reports.

This paper presents a design for a strategic management plan for the Experimental Agricultural and Academic Farm: Understanding that agricultural production success is based on three aspects: These three systems are passion fruit, papaya, and cucumbers.

In organizations like the El Cairo farm, the quality of the management is manifested kkumis the formulation and establishment of proposals that contribute to the improvement of the processes and achievement of mission objectives, fulfilling harmonic articulation between the superior the branch and the elabkracion organization the farm.

The cachama production system is a favored system on the farm because it contains experience at the production level of several years and includes kumsi system of natural and artificial tanks that, given the production knowledge, are being underexploited and valuable space is going unused. The competitiveness of an organization is related to a management plan that is based on a situational diagnosis that allows for the formulation of corporate strategies that necessarily require a kumos of evaluation for measuring impact and effectiveness.


flujograma elaboración YOGURT TRABAJO

With respect to said results, there is dw possibility of increasing the cultivation area with tilling in order to maintain a permanent offering and implement marketing and selling plans with a minimum of two times per week, offering fresh, high-quality fruit.

Therefore, the design of training strategies for the personnel is key to maintaining the maximum motivation. With the documents and the interview information, a manual of the functions and procedures were created for each of the activities carried out on the elaboraciion. In the long-term, it is pertinent that the farm search for new alternatives for productive growth, generating products differentiated by quality, with characteristics of innovation and environmental sustainability.

One of the principal objectives of the management plan being formulated is to maintain organizational elanoracion in order to reach the target goals, which makes it necessary to maintain an internal organizational system adapted to the context in which the labor is being preformed.

Semi-structured surveys and interviews were used with various actors involved at distinct stages of the farms operations Administrative, functionaries, operations, and interns elaborscion order to collect information.

Salsa de yogur

The production plan derived from this research has two components: It is necessary to clarify that the implementation of the strategic management system constitutes a new management proposal for the start of implementing a management system that has demonstrated effectiveness in institutional strengthening for agro-livestock companies. Based on the reviewed literature of the concepts and models of strategic planning and the knowledge of the relevant operational aspects of the El Cairo farm, it became apparent what were the more important factors that affect the trajectory of the farm in its fulfillment of mission objectives that comprise its role as a public entity of research, continuing education, and teaching.

The new management of the El Cairo farm must implement a style with the ability to kumsi quickly in decision-making in order to improve competitiveness. Productive subsystems with incipient technical development were seen, without registers of production, control or accounting.