We are very much looking forward to seeing you all over the next few days at the EphMRA ‘Shaping the Future’ conference. Come and see us. contractors – to adhering to the EphMRA Code, including adverse event reporting guidelines. . Megha Kalani, Product Manager at Philips Healthcare, and Jemma Lampkin, Senior Project Manager Healthcare at SKIM, co-presented at this year’s EphMRA .

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Consequently pharmaceutical companies will need to disclose payments made to healthcare professionals HCPs for a range of activities including participation in market research MR when and only when the pharmaceutical company is aware of the identity of the HCP.

The transfer of personal data to non-EEA countries is forbidden unless there is adequate privacy protection. Not use information gained whilst observing to amend or build databases. It is sufficient to tell MR subjects the nature of their roles within their company and in general terms their reasons for observing.

Primary data is derived from new and original research designed to address a specific purpose. Disclosed data will be publicly accessible in the country where the HCP has their practice.

Upcoming market research events | SKIM

The distinction between market research and non-interventional research applies whether the market research involves prospective or retrospective patient data. MR subjects MUST also be told why ephmrq for what purposes the data will be used, and that under no circumstances will it be released or used for any non-research purpose. Personal data such as recruitment questionnaires can be destroyed before non-personal data such as tabulations. If list details are missing or incorrect, the supplier of the list may be told this but corrected details cannot be passed back to the list supplier to update their databases without specific consent.

  DECRETO 2833 DE 1981 PDF

Companies should generally refer to their medical and regulatory departments for guidance on market research surveys that involve testing ehmra. Agencies must not identify the client or any confidential client data without the client’s consent except if there is a legal obligation to do so. These conditions should apply whether observers are watching a recording or video stream in remote locations or are viewing at the research location.

Richard Head elected Associate Member to the EphMRA Board

Information to be Communicated at the Start of Fieldwork K. For full details please see: MR subjects MUST be made aware at the time of recruitment if their input is to be recorded or observed even if it is only for analysis purposes by the agency and why it is proposed.

Storing Incentive Details 4.

Social Media Definitions A person’s digital image is personally identifiable data. This would include using the appropriate technologies to protect data stored on web sites or servers when the data is transferred e. Following our events we upload slide decks and reports to the web site — 22013 to members.

Anonymity of MR subjects Drawn from Lists 4. MR subjects should be alerted to any costs they may incur e. National and international data protection and privacy requirements MUST be adhered to. When conducting social media market research, researchers are bound by the terms and conditions attached to access of ephmraa online services. Where lists including client-supplied lists are used for sample selection, the source of the list MUST be disclosed.

Where recordings for market research purposes are made in public areas e. Measures should be in place to validate the identity of MR subjects to epbmra surrogate MR subjects and to check the quality of responses e. Delegates rated the paper highest out of all the papers given at the conference in Paris this year. Advisory boards may or may not qualify as market research depending how they are run. So the use of cookies MUST be disclosed, as well as a clear description of the data collected and the uses to which it will be put – this MUST be easily accessible – and explicit consent may be required depending upon national legislation.


The intended use must ephmrx be 0213 excluded within the privacy notice provided at the time of the original data collection. In Germany, MR industry guidelines stat that end clients must destroy copies of non-anonymised recordings after 3 months.

Criminal record checks for interviewers may be necessary in some circumstances but it is not necessary for all researchers. Data Protection legislation prohibits information given within a market research exercise being used to build a database unless consent for this was given at recruitment. Online Market Research with 0213 Privacy and Data Protection Live via video-relay including video-streaming. It is good practice for researchers to keep copies of e-mails and other documents received from MR subjects agreeing to, or restricting, the use of or access to their personal information.

The EMA states that: Identification of the Client In GermanyMR subject identity must remain anonymous and MR subjects eephmra be asked to waive their right to confidentiality. Telephone calls for survey research purposes are not bound by these provisions, although companies should be careful in drawing this line and should be aware of ongoing debate and concern about survey activities by some regulators and legislators.

Explanation of Key Principles.