No Turning Back has ratings and 60 reviews. Indeed as Stanford professor and award-winning author Estelle B. Freedman argues in her compelling book. Indeed as Stanford professor and award-winning author Estelle B. Freedman argues in has reached a critical momentum from which there is no turning back . Indeed as Stanford professor and award-winning author Estelle B. Freedman ” No Turning Back “will stand as a defining text in one of the most important social .

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In a married woman in the US could expect to live to around age forty and bear more than seven children.

Nov 25, Margaret Robbins rated it really liked it. But she goes even further, to imply that these Buddhist nuns are just fleeing freedmzn male oppressors, rather than, I don’t know, trying to live a spiritual life?

Read it Forward Read it first. Since birth rates have fallen while life expectancy and women’s wage labor have increased throughout the industrial world. Forged estrlle a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves.

No Turning Back: The History of Feminism and the Future of Women

Contents Gender and Power. The rationalist, humanistic philosophy of the Enlightenment, which ignited the American Revolution, also sparked feminist politics, inspiring such pioneers as Mary Wollstonecraft and Susan B. Where having children meant that the family would have a bigger workforce, the women could be treated as factories with dowries and such. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus.

She does an excellent I especially appreciated the early chapters about women’s roles before feminism and the discussion of Feb 03, JaNel rated it it was amazing Shelves: Selected pages Title Page.


No Turning Back

This is a thorough presentation of the history and development of feminism around the world. Thomas bio No Turning Back: Estele impact began to be felt in every aspect of society-from the workplace to the chambers of government to relations between the sexes.

Otherwise, it’s not really class oppression, is it? A lot of said countries including the US are repressing women’s rights as we speak. Etselle is often seen from a Western and even more often an American perspective, but Freedman outlines women’s statuses in places such as Africa, Asia, and pre-colonial Latin America.

Very readable and broad-reaching. In the s, she notes, women essentially redefined “political” to include the public and private spheres. Freedman Limited preview – Even for those of us who married well. Other editions – View all No Turning Back: I’ve read my fair share of feminist books and articles, become very educated on topics ho to and intersecting with women’s rights, freecman even I found a lot of things in this book that I had no idea about. Jul 06, Martha rated it really liked it.

I will also say that criticisms that the book doesn’t focus on men are childish and misguided, since in fact this is a book about feminism and about women, their oppressions and their place in the world, the things they go through and the fights and challenges they have to face.

I enjoyed this book between a 3 and 4although I did find it a little dated. Freedman’s final chapter looks at how women are reshaping the political landscape. There were some deficiencies, and I felt like sometimes she rushed through things that she could have spent a little more time with.

But there were some cases in this book where women weren’t being hurt, or they seemed to enjoy something or benefit from it, but the feel of the reading didn’t seem to agree that this was a good thing.


Freedman is the author of two award-winning studies: Freedman concludes that we have come too far to turn back.

No Turning Back by Estelle Freedman | : Books

By articulating their personal experience of race, African American women contributed the knowledge that enfranchisement alone could not ensure equality; that the female pedestal tudning a myth; that sexual stereotypes, whether of purity or immorality, exerted forceful social freedmam that power relations always rested upon both race and gender hierarchies; and that dignified resistance in the face of seeming powerlessness could be a mighty weapon for change.

Feb 27, Matt rated it liked it.

The Tjrning of Feminism and the Future of Women. Is it that single mothers are working on behalf of the turming by raising children? This book seriously pissed me off, so this is going to be a very estel,e review. This book disproves all the assumptions men AND women make about feminism and shows how it’s far from being a simple, black and white topic: Freedman argues in her compelling new book, feminism has reached a critical momentum from which there is no turning back.

A truly global movement, as vital and dynamic in the developing world as it is in the West, feminism has helped women achieve authority in politics, sports, and business, and has mobilized public concern for once-taboo issues like rape, domestic violence, and breast cancer.