Evangelica Testificatio: Apostolic Exhortation on the Renewal of the Religious Life According to the Teachings of the Second Vatican Council [Pope Paul VI] on . Evangelica Testificatio is an apostolic exhortation issued by Pope Paul VI in , concerning the renewal of religious life according to the teaching of the. Evangelica Testificatio: Apostolic Exhortation on the Renewal of the Religious Life According to the Teachings of the Second Vatican Council. Front Cover.

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The interior man is aware that times of silence are demanded by love of God. Such is your consecration, made within the Church and through her ministry—both that of her representatives who receive your profession and that of the Christian community itself, whose love recognizes, welcomes, sustains and embraces those who within it make an offering of themselves as a living sign “which can and ought to attract all the members of the Church to an effective and prompt fulfillment of the duties of their Testiifcatio vocation The discovery of intimacy with God, the necessity for adoration, the need for intercession—the experience of Christian holiness shows us the fruitfulness of prayer, in which God reveals Himself to the spirit and heart of His servants.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. By the former they cling to God in mind and heart; by the latter they strive to associate themselves with the work of redemption and to spread evangeica kingdom of God.

Doctrina de vida El impulso interior, propio de cada una, suscita en el seno de su existencia ciertas opciones fundamentales. Religious life already existed in germ, and progressively it felt the growing need of developing and of taking on different forms of community or solitary life, in order to respond to the pressing invitation of Christ: Be among those who will bring to the world the peace of God. Lumen Gentium44, AAS 57,pp.

Is not perhaps one of the miseries of our times to be found in the imbalance “between the conditions of egangelica existence and the requisite of personal thought and even of contemplation?

Dear religious, how could you fail to desire to know better Him whom you love and whom you wish to make manifest to men?

Uso de los bienes del mundo For while the call of God renews itself and expresses itself in different ways according to changing circumstances of place and time, it nevertheless requires a certain constancy of orientation. Thus, at the very moment that human love is more than ever threatened by a “ravaging eroticism,” 23 consecrated chastity must be today more than ever understood and lived with uprightness and generosity.


Evangelica testificatio – Paolo VI – Google Books

Do not seek to be numbered among the “learned and clever” whose numbers seem inclined by a combination of circumstances to increase. By doing this, We wish to respond to the anxiety, uncertainty and instability shown by some; at the same time We wish to encourage those who are seeking the true renewal of the religious life.

This grace will be given to you by Christ Jesus in proportion to the fundamental gift which you have made of yourselves and which you do not retract. Through such a bond a person is totally dedicated to God by an act of supreme love May the most beloved Mother of the Lord, after whose example you have consecrated your lives to God, obtain for you in your daily journeying that lasting joy which Jesus alone can give.


Widening the dialogue : reflection on Evangelica testificatio

Gaudium et spes, 43, A. An excessive desire for flexibility and creative spontaneity can in fact give rise to accusations of rigidity directed against that minimum of regularity in activities which community life and personal maturity ordinarily require.

While We express to them our admiration, We hold them up as an example for all.

Is it not the same fidelity which testivicatio your profession of obedience, in the light of faith and in accordance with the very dynamism of the charity of Christ? Queridos hijos e hijas en Cristo: Many of you carry out part of your activity outside your religious houses, performing a function in which you have special competence.

In this it finds one of the principles for the present renewal and one of the most secure criteria for judging what each institute should undertake. May your life, following her example, give witness to that “maternal love, which should animate all those who, associated in the apostolic mission of the Church, collaborate in the regeneration of men. In all simplicity—following the example given by Our venerated predecessor, John XXIII, on the eve of the Council 1 —We would like to tell you what hope is stirred up in Us, as well as in all the pastors and faithful of the Church, by the spiritual generosity of those men and women who have consecrated their lives to the Lord in the spirit and practice of the evangelical counsels.


Perfectae caritatis, 1, A. You will then experience through the action of the Holy Spirit the joyful exultation of those who are introduced into the secrets of the kingdom. The evangelical aspiration to fraternity was forcefully expressed by the Council. Perfectae caritatis, 7, A. How can this result be attained, unless you deepen in the Lord your relationships, even the most ordinary ones, with each of your brethren?

Perfectae caritatis14, AAS 58,p.

Evangelica Testificatio (29 de junio de ) | Pablo VI

Gaudium et spes43, AAS 58,p. Has not appeal even unjustly been made to the Council to cast doubt on the very principle of religious life?

El Concilio, en efecto, os lo recuerda: The Holy Spirit also gives you the grace to discover the image of the Lord in the hearts of men, and teaches you to love them as brothers and sisters. Fuente de fecundidad espiritual Queridos religiosos y religiosa: How can benefit be obtained from past experience and from present reflection, in order to strengthen this form of evangelical life?

Dentro del estado religioso, como en toda la Iglesia, se vive el mismo ministerio pascual de Cristo. Exercising authority in the midst of your brethren means therefore being their servants, 37 in accordance with the example of Him who gave “his life as a ransom for many. When your vocation destines you for other tasks in the service of men—pastoral life, missions, teaching, works of charity and so on—is it not above all the intensity of your union with the Lord that will make them fruitful, in proportion to that union “in secret”?

Communities of this sort may likewise be called for by the nature of a charitable service, by certain tasks of an intellectual nature or by the contemplative or monastic life. It is the witness of men and women capable of accepting the abnegation of poverty, and of being attracted by simplicity and humility; it is that of those who love peace, who are free from compromise and set on complete self-denial—of those who are at the same time free and obedient, spontaneous and tenacious, meek and strong in the certainty of the Faith.