Evelina, or, the History of a Young Lady. papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Evalina by Frances Burney. Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World by Fanny Burney. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Buy Evelina (The Penguin English Library) UK ed. by Frances Burney (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery.

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Though beautiful, well bred, and otherwise enchanting, Evelina has pretty much been screwed. He sat next to Mrs.

Continue to me this indulgence, for I should be miserable if in ignorance of your proceedings. This is the reason she’s so angry when she learns he has …more I believe they’re just companions, although Madame Duvel believes he is in love with her.

Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World by Fanny Burney

I have no command of myself when this subject is started. But, though I both expected and deserved to find him very much mortified and displeased at his ill fortune in the choice he had made; yet, to my very great relief, he appeared to be even contented, and very much assisted and encouraged me. Miss Mirvan was soon engaged; and presently after a very fashionable gay looking man, ebelina seemed about thirty years of age, addressed himself to me, and begged to have the honour of dancing with me.

By learning the more polished social skills, she gradually establishes burny harmonious relationship with the urban world and its complicated etiquette. Nevertheless, many of the characters burhey vividly drawn and entertaining to read about, and one wishes the heroine to come to no lasting harm, if only because the drances of the marriage plot requires it.


Mirvan, and begged of her to make my apologies; for what, thought I, can I possibly say to him in excuse for running away? I have just had my hair dressed. Whatever may be the fate of these letters, the editor is satisfied they will meet with justice; and commits them to the press, though hopeless of fame, yet not regardless of censure. It is, of all entertainments, the sweetest and most delightful.

Evelina by Fanny Burney

Mar 17, Abigail Bok rated it really liked it Shelves: We passed a most extraordinary evening. O may it guard, watch over you, defend you from danger, save you from distress, and keep vice as distant from your person as from your heart!

Dec 02, Peter rated it really liked it. Her face and person answer my most refined ideas of complete beauty: When one considers that this novel, which was a huge best seller the frznces it came out, did a great deal to make novels respectable, the reader gets a sense of just how rough and bawdy eighteenth century literature ubrney.

I almost repent already that I have made this confession; pray forget that you have read it, if this journey is displeasing to you.

Evelina learns how to deal with posh society at the hands at the not so well meaning adults in her life. I liked his sweetness and eagerness to comfort Evelina.

The criticism of the writer in this issue extends to men, commenting on the superficiality of many of them that is happily compensated by serious men, such as the one who attracts the erotic interest of our heroine and reminds us of Mr Darcy. Evelina by Frances Burney Letters 3 8 Jan 14, How did anyone get married in these days?

Burney’s book is amusing, but the characters seem to be defined almost entirely by a single characteristic.

And, at the burneu in Pall-mall, who should they meet but Lord Orville. BE not alarmed, my worthy friend, at my so speedily troubling you again; I seldom use the ceremony of waiting for answers, or writing with any regularity, and I have at present immediate occasion for begging your francee.


And, when she found her power inadequate to her attempt, enraged at her non-compliance, she treated her with the grossest unkindness, and threatened her with poverty and ruin. Their increasing passion quite terrified us; and Mrs. On Monday we go to a ridotto, and on Wednesday we return to Howard Grove. As to Sir Clement Willoughby, his own chariot was in waiting.

You have not reason to regret the retirement in which she has lived; since that politeness which is acquired by an acquaintance with high life, is in her so well supplied by a natural desire of obliging, joined to a deportment infinitely engaging.

Villar’s fond devotion of his entire life to Evelina — all boring and predictable after the first hundred pages or so. Mirvan has hid herself! Our party drove off first. I should never have thought it: We were obliged to wait in this disagreeable situation near an hour before a hackney-coach could be found; and then we were disposed in the same manner as before our accident.

TO resist the urgency of intreaty, is a power which I have not yet acquired: This novel left me with feelings of dissatisfaction that threaten to overshadow all the initial enjoyment I got out of it.

He is become, frsnces suddenly, so warmly my friend, that I quite dread his officiousness. I suppose he perceived my uneasiness; for he entreated me to sit down again if dancing was disagreeable to me.