EWQL Symphonic Orchestra – Sibelius Sound Set User Manual | iii. Contents. 1. Introduction. 5. 2. Overview. 6. Requirements. EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA. – KONTAKT EDITION -. SIBELIUS SOUND SET USER MANUAL. reproduced or otherwise. I followed all of the soundsetproject user manual directions and I think getting sound playback when I try to use the EWQL configuration.

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The production room and recording gave it a great ,anual sound out of the box. Hello to all of you, I’m sorry, I’m lost The recording quality is simply exquisite. No other orchestral samples have achieved this level of realism and fidelity. Yes, my password is: I share your feelings about the included “manual”- especially concerning the Kompakt player.

EastWest symphonic Orchestra manual?

The big issue I have had with orchestral sample libraries in the past has been the way they were recorded. It sounds first class, right out of the box, and I find I dont need to do any panning or EQing – trying to make instruments sit in the mix.

Reviews I compose music for feature films. The software triggers this “release trail” at the end of every note and adjusts the dynamics so that the samples blend seamlessly, truly placing the listener in the hall with the orchestra. Videos Watch the Tutorial. Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram. A big, bountiful, powerful, expressive, sonically superior collection of top-quality orchestral sounds, recorded in a first-class concert hall, played, recorded and programmed by expert practitioners, waiting to burst into life in your compositions — SOUND ON SOUND.


We do not accept liability for incorrect spelling, errors including pricesincorrect manufacturer’s specifications, release dates, or changes, or grammatical inaccuracies in any product included in the Sounds Online website.

Beyond the orchestra’s phenomenal recording quality is its ability to breathe life into the virtual world, creating a real space and filling it with sound. In short, this is a staggering library, and it is a rare treat that we see such a well planned and thought out product come to fruition in this way. There is simply no other library – at any price – that compares with the overall sound, usability and capability of EWQLSO. I compose music for feature films.

As choir director, I need an orchestral sample set that exudes realism and impact, since our broadcasts cover the globe by radio and internet Short Staccato Round-Robin x3 Staccato.

Anyone ewqlsk in adding sampled orchestral sounds to their productions would have to consider this terrific library — MIX. Virtual is not a word I use very often but the Symphonic Orchestra is virtually perfect! It’s all very confusing: The cost of it really isn’t an issue for me, because nanual I need to do the orchestral mock-ups I need to have the best sounding, most expressive orchestral instruments I can find.


I come from a classical background and my music is primarily for the orchestra with additional electronic elements when appropriate.

EastWest Symphonic Orchestra

In the past, this meant adding reverb and effects, further digitizing and degrading the overall quality of your music. Anyone interested in adding sampled orchestral sounds to their productions would have to consider this terrific library.

As for me, I’m turning on my Akai S so I can get some work done!

I can’t compare this to every orchestral sample library on the market but if there’s a better one I’ll be amazed. Use Play 4 for bit hosts.

Happy Holidays!

RosieNov 24, Windows 7 or 8 Home Premium Supported. By selecting different mic positions, users can mix these sounds together to create any kind of natural ambience their project requires. A moment or two with the manual is enough to convince anyone with an interest in recording techniques that this is a very serious undertaking. Just keep doing what you are doing. New Features Four versions available: