Experiments in Intergroup Discrimination Henri Tajfel PDF – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Experiments in Intergroup Discriminati. ON. MATRIX by Henri Tajfel. B. MATRIX 3. MATRIX 4. U. Intergroup discrimination is a feature logical causation. In The. Exp eriments in Intergroup Discrimination. Can cliscrimination be trctced to by Flenri Tajfel .. problem lvas to create experimental con- didons that would.

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On the second part of the study, the experimenters were aiming to find out the type of strategy used by the boys when allocating points. Even intwrgroup interestingly though, the boys were found to be more concerned with creating as large a difference as possible between the amounts allocated to each group in favour of their own groupthen in gaining a greater amount for everybody, across the two groups.

Intergroup Discrimination and the Henri Tajfel Experiments

Add to my courses. In the control condition where participants were not told any information about score similarity, participants allocated money more equitably. Note that each box within a matrix forces the subject intergroyp favour one boy over another; there is no box that allows equal amounts to be given. The study consisted of two laboratory experiments.

The subjects were 64 boys, 14 and 15 years old from a comprehensive school in a suburb of Bristol. Check out our quiz-page with tests about:. Select from one of the other courses available: These boys already knew each other to some extent as the all attended the same school and indeed were members of the same year group and school “house.


Tajfel did not deny that competition between two groups influences intergroup discrimination but demonstrated that merely categorising people into in-groups and out-groups is sufficient to create intergroup discrimination.

Intergroup discrimination refers to the phenomenon where factions of a single group develop conflicts against each other as by-products of competition and prejudice.

discrmiination Tajfel demonstrated that merely categorising people into in-groups and out-groups is sufficient to create intergroup discrimination. The subjects in the study were presented with a clear alternative to discriminating against the outgroup.

Retrieved Dec 28, from Explorable. This study was conducted with the participation of sixty-four schoolboys aged between fourteen and fifteen years.

The subjects had to indicate their choices by ticking one box in each matrix. Take it with you wherever you go. However, within a group, conflicts mostly root from psychological prejudice then developing into a more serious form of intergroup discrimination. It also follows that since we instantly discriminate against the outsiders, we can also discriminate against others for no apparent reason aside from developed prejudice.

In the other trials the groups were switched around for both rows. Intergroup Discrimination and the Henri Tajfel Experiments. Personality theorieswhich see the source of prejudice as being in the individual and social psychological theorieswhich see prejudice as a result of group membership.

For example when two groups want to achieve the same goal but cannot both have it, hostility is produced between them. Privacy policy About PsychWiki Disclaimers. They were next asked to allocate amounts to two members of the out-group.


Intergroup Discrimination experiments Henri Tajfel

Maximum joint profit and giving the largest reward to the in-group would both be achieved by choosing the last pair in the row, giving 19 to a member of your own group, and 25 to a member of the other group.

The Second Experiment aesthetic preference. The list did not indicate any personal identifiers e.

Tajfel like Sherif believes that the personality approach is inadequate in explaining prejudice and he also uses a social psychological approach. Sherif believes that prejudice arises out of conflict between two groups.

Don’t miss these related articles:. Prejudice can also bee seen as part of the general process of ethnocentrism. Add a New Page. It is claimed that the subjects are presented with a “clear alternative to discriminating against the outgroup. Participants adolescent boys completed a computer task and were given a list of participants who scored similarly to them on the same task.

There were six matrices, repeated three times; one for each of the three conditions.

Human Psychology

Henri Tajfel conducted a series of experiments on intergroup discrimination in Bristol City in In the other condition the boys were told that some people are consistently more accurate than others. The other major difference was in the type of matrices used. This article is a part inrergroup the guide: