Empire of the Sun is the soundtrack, on Warner Bros. Records, of the film Empire of the Sun, directed by Steven Spielberg. The original score was composed by John Williams and recorded in 4) ; The Streets of Shanghai ; The Pheasant Hunt ; No Road Home/Seeing the Bomb ; Exsultate Justi Marking the ninth movie that Steven Spielberg and John Williams . The full English translation of Exsultate Justi can be found below: Exsultate. Hey Everybody. I think I thought of something hard for you all to find. Where can I find the lyrics to Exultate Justi by John Williams or does anybody know the.

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By mcdaidFebruary 2, in General Discussion. I think I thought of something hard for you all to find. By the how many of you have the soundtrack? I will be getting it soon. Just typed it in off the sheet music. Some parts have multiple voices singing different lines For years I had them as my signature, now I can’t find it. I’ll look again and post it if I find it. Perhaps it’s got nothing to do with the chorus, the BPO is just tons better.

Bene psallite ei in vociferatione. It is more difficult to hear what the OST version has. And Temple of Doom. It can be used well and Williams often does it that waybut it usually still has a much higher cheesiness potential than choir with lyrics.

Wow, John Williams speaks multiple languages!!! Did John Williams write a choral piece for Sleepers? If so, which track is it? Also, I didn’t know the lyrics of Amistad represented any language. If so, do you know what they’re saying?

The lyrics for “Dry your Tears, Afrika” are from a poem Williams came across and he put it to music. The poem was not originally written in Mende, since its author, Bernard Dadie, does not speak that language. He writes in French.

Williams obviously read a translated copy of West African Verse and I recall he asked a woman to translate that poem into Mende. Miguel will have the answer to that.

Although according to the liner notes, he did take it from a compilation of West African verse appropiately called As far as my 2-minute research goes, that book was not published under any other language.

The poem probably has, though. Call of the Champions I believe also has latin lyrics. Something like ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’ which if my almost completely forgotten knowledge of latin serves me well means something like Faster, Higher, Stronger. The choral track from “Sleepers” is “Saying the Rosary”, one of my favorites. If anyone is interested, the lyrics heard in the Saying the Rosary cue in Sleepers are taken from the traditional Latin mass when the priest distributes holy communion:.

  ACI 308.1 PDF

This translates as “May the body of our Lord Jesus Christ watch over your soul unto eternal life. I guess Williams does not care much for iussive subjunctives, and who can blame him?

As for the Gloria from Monsignorthe lyrics are the first line of the Gloria no shit! I hope this does not count as religious discussion. Please don’t ban me, Mark! I couldn’t live with the shame! I have always wondered about the lyrics on that track. I could hear pieces of what the choir is singing.

Empire of the Sun- Exultate Justi Lyrics – General Discussion – JOHN WILLIAMS Fan Network

The name of the track and the scene of course point to a Catholic mass but I never bothered to find out what exactly the text was. I guess Williams really did not have in mind to use the complete lyrics for the track.

In film music I have noticed that many composers do not utilize lyrics as williamms whole in their compositions but only parts that fit the music.

Williams chose Sanskrit for Episode I because of the qualities of the vowels in that language and used mainly words ‘dreaded fight’ from the section of ‘Battle of the Trees’ he had had translated.

A very astute observation, Exsulhate. However, he seems to have lifted random phrases from the requiem mass in no particular order, but I guess film composers are, quite rightly, more concerned with musical effect than grammar and syntax!

That’s not choral, but the first time “Dry Your Tears, Afrika” is heard in the film is in boca chiusaso I’ll add it to the list. Lisbeth Scott actually says somethng in those cues, some words invented by herself according to the making-of. You’ve got it backward. Both groups also did it live on the Christmas special. Well, theoretically, a good choral jksti should try jutsi find a way to fit both lyrics and music so that the entonation of the words and the sentence matches the melodic line.

EMPIRE OF THE SUN (1987) – Album Review

In practice, there have been some great composers throughout history who didn’t care about the lyrics. The actual sheet music is written for 4 voices and several divisisplit in 2 staves, both in G-clef. I never saw the “making of”, I’m going by what Williams said in an interview, where he stating Ms. Scott simply made variation sounds on vowels, and not saying any real words in a specific language.


But we still seem to be on the same page. Which part, exactly, are you referring to? I think they sing together all the time in the OST version. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.


Already have an account? General Discussion Search In. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Posted February 2, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Empire of the Sun (soundtrack) – Wikipedia

I think they are in my liner notes, not sure. Exsultate justi in Domino. Salvator Dominus Salvator mundi. Exsultate juste in Domino. Alleluia, Alleluia Alleluia, Alleluia Cantate ei. Few corrections to the text provided by JCM: What language is that? Posted February 3, He used Sanskrit for Duel of the Fates. Most of the time, though, he uses a wordless choir.

Hook williamw had a wordless choir. John- who much prefers wordless choir. The excerpt Williams put into music goes like this: Your children come back to you We have come home”.

Or John Williams is able to read French. Call of the Champions. I edited the list with your corrections. Justl, there we go again. It’s a brilliant score to an underrated film. Posted February 4, This gorgeous part starts at 2: Why Williams did not incorporate it in his re-arrangement is quite ujsti me. He didn’t like it. Posted February 5, The female solo at the beginning of “Dry Your Tears, Afrika” was also wordless.

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