A FASA Doctor Who role-playing game resource site. Doctor Who Role Playing Game [BOX SET]. For fans this boxed set by FASA represents a mine of source material. I’m no expert on the series, but it looks like the. I’ve been trying to read the rule book for the old FASA RPG, but it is stiff going. It seems to be a mixed bag of trying to make rules and trying to.

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FASA Doctor Who RPG Resource Site

In the long term, another set of linear encounters lead the players into yet another area of free choice, perhaps the climax of the scenario. Sunday, 24th November, Contains The Master and The Master: In qho exasperated state, I sketched out sort of a dungeon area for the final climatic scene.

Particularly fun is rolling for the senses. They must come to understand the samurai and their Bushido Written by Ray Winninger. The Fourth Ffasa appeared on whoo cover. No act is too low or plan too outrageous for the Daleks to consider.

The supplements contained two pamphlets, one for players and another for game masters. And yet… occasionally there are crunchy, essential rules laid out there that are so important that you cannot understand the Game Operations Manual without them.


Join other followers. The player’s handbook sometimes had inaccurate information, reflecting the fact that the CIA sometimes had gaps in its knowledge.

The Doctor Who Role Playing Game

Go to our Sales Site. Forces are at dictor to unleash something hideous and all-too-powerful upon the residents of Earth. Australia Music theme music composers soundtrack releases featured music.

The Time Lord and his Companions are sent to Hartlewick, England to locate the source of this unexplained energy field. Retrieved from ” https: I actually find it a bit hard to read because the font is so small fasq sure sign of aging.

Fandom Whoniverse Popular culture Merchandise Awards and nominations. But wyo do not have much time. It seems to be a mixed bag of trying to make rules and trying to describe what an RPG is. The alien creature system custom tailored to Doctor Who?

The cover featured the Second Doctor and Victoria Waterfield. The game was released in three printings. Contents [ show ]. The adventure employed scientifically plausible hard science fiction concepts, but also suggested Joan of Arc as a potential companion! No idea how it plays. Players were intimately familiar with the new series, but not experts on all the classic episodes.

The surprise, however, would be ruined if the players saw the cover of the publication, as it prominently featured a Cyberman. The cost for some of the old supplements for the game are just plain crazy anymore— there was nothing for it but to roll my own.


FASA Doctor Who RPG

An evil renegade Time Lord has allied himself with British tribesmen to lure a Roman army — and a Roman Emperor — into a deviously plotted trap. The cooperation of the Ydarans is vital.

An evil renegade Time Lord has allied himself with British tribesmen to lure a Roman army — and a Roman Dotor — into a deviously plotted trap. You know nothing else about the system except for these— there is no star map, no information on gas giants or asteroid belts, nothing!

The Doctor Who Role Playing Game | Tardis | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Attributes range from Note that you must set your scores before you roll for your Special Ability. A senseless murder, over a strange artifact, was only the very beginning of the terror of The Iytean Menace.

I did own tasa and sold it and recently reacquired itand it was responsible for me knowing anything at all about Doctor Who until I started watching the new series a few years ago.

Finally, the strangeness and the epic sweep of the classic episode that I used for the adventure was so mind blowing… the players seemed doctoor just to gradually figure out what was going on and why.