“Following the Notes” by Pia Z. Ehrhardt New Sudden Fiction () * * * (Good) Realistic A father and daughter find a small measure of. Stories by Pia Ehrhardt .. I was so excited to read your story “Following The Notes” in the NEW SUDDEN You must log in to write on Pia Ehrhardt’s wall. Ashley Eleby Creative Writing Steve Ersinghaus May 12, Critique Following the Notes By Pia Z. Ehrhardt This author really gets into the language of a.

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I need an endless supply of socks because Pia never stops knocking them off.

Aimee — Where did you live in New Orleans? Her luggage metaphors will come in very handy the next time my characters are staring at each other having insipid conversations.

Jonathan — the first comment out of the gate ehrharrdt morning, which wins you a special seat in my heart forever. Sometimes I make things worse by torqueing a line of dialogue or adding a messy detail, or writing a reversal.

We sat on the piano bench. Some of my co-workers stood outside under the street lamp, smoking. I want to stay in that small sweet space between friendship and affair. Like father, like daughter, they both find themselves only able to rely on one another. It was dangerous collection because I could not put a story down once it started it. My candle is lit because I miss terribly the New Orleans of my childhood. Ellen — my husband read your post to me I was driving to the dentist — and we both burst out laughing.


I put up this picture of somebody else that I found on the Internet. Oh, the Places We Go.

I knew what to do make him forget my screw-ups. New Orleans awaits you. Cancel reply Leave a Comment.

Thanks and praise for inviting me in. Bugs out of nowhere dove into the windshield. Thanks for the profound questions, Sue, and for your replies, pia. Basic HTML is allowed. The guys I liked used just a few words to explain what they meant, left the rest mysterious, but my father answered anything I asked like he had one chance left on earth.

Your email address will not be te. The United States of McSweeney’s: As an interesting side note, my mother.

Story Symbolism: Following the Notes

I confess to using it in one of my essays. These stories encourage me to imagine that they all do, and that makes walking about so much more entertaining… Reply. I like your use of “all” followed by an adjective. Pia, thanks for your more-than-generous comment about my patchwork story “Naked Ladies.


Anyway, I learned at the age of about eight not to go where the tourists were. How’d you get such a unique name-your own, I mean. Thanks to everyone for stopping by! So glad you liked that one; I really wanted it to pack a punch. Nice to see you here, Billie.

Pia Z. Ehrhardt

I actually am blue man with a question mark on my head. Nice to hear from you, oh mysterious one. There are plenty of short stories out there but few grasp what the purpose behind the short length really means.

Then I read Ambulance and was blown away.