Fortean Times # (April ) · Fortean Times # (May ) · Fortean Times # (Special ) · Fortean Times # (June ). Fortean Times # (March ) · Fortean Times # (April ) · Fortean Times # (May ) · Fortean Times # (June ). Posts about Fortean Times written by Dr David Clarke. I’m bringing in with two new books and the cover story in Fortean Times in what should prove to.

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Fortean Times Gallery – FT Covers

Magic, Ghosts and Experimental Psychology. The odds against unlikely events and coincidences always seem to me to be misquoted. At the moment, the other act is Richard Soames from the Beta Males. Filed under CoincidenceComedy. Both of us have had a break from Edinburgh and I feel like getting all the shit and throwing it all out there and seeing what comes of it.

Another way of pulling the same trick, of course, would be to have as the central character a ventriloquist who talks to their doll. She was off getting drinks that is what producers do when I was accosted by two people — a man and woman.

Fortean Times: 40 years of covers – in pictures

Keith later went on to create Theatresports. Letter about space visitor legends.


Spotting Faces in a Crowd. Posted by Scott Wood at I would have stayed.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Life. Fortean Times May Book Review — Fireballs, Skyquakes and Hums.

Which brings us back to iPads and eyepads. Much folklore can be found online and buried in the narrative content of media and social networking – from legends and reports of ghosts, UFOs and ‘big cats’ to language, customs and traditions. Book review — International Space Station: The first rule of showbusiness is you never perform on the same bill as animals or children.

Should we disbelieve or believe unprovens? Book review — Greenglow and the Search for Gravity Control cf.

Fortean Times: 40 years of covers – in pictures | Media | The Guardian

Films are, by their nature, superficial. The odds of me being killed by a downwardly-mobile pig are low. Halfway through the meal, she had an epileptic fit. They had not seen each other for around 15 years and then only for a few weeks and he had accosted me randomly as I passed at an Decemger Fringe press launch to which Amanda Fleming no relation had also come.

This show is all about two year-olds who are really into spoken word and hip-hop. The study of folklore is centrally and crucially important ‘in our attempts to understand our own behaviour and that of our fellow human beings’ according to one scholarly definition.


I think I need to lie down. So you can imagine what it was like by 32… VHSs, books, scripts, book tie-ins.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. In a film, you only see the externals of a person and you can only get some semblance of psychological depth and what someone thinks if they actually spell it out in words.

Posted on December 30, by Dr David Clarke. Book Review — Mathematics in Victorian Britain. Please provide a valid price range.

Clocks Magazine Clocks Magazine was launched over 25 years ago to cater for the burgeoning international interest in horology. We are, by the way, not yet out of the woods on the End of the World being nigh.

Welcome to my website I am a Research Fellow in Journalism at Sheffield Hallam University where I specialise in teaching media law and investigation skills.