This instrument is made for measuring atmospheric pressure with the scale in hPa and the venier which can read to 1/10 mm. Since this precision fortin. INTRODUCTION. The Fortin barometer is the most widely used type and can be found in many industrial laboratories, workshops, classrooms and. A wooden wall plaque supports a brass outer casing which protects the glass barometer tube and wood and leather cistern. A brass screw provides the means .

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Fortin Barometer |

Tube T is some mm in length and is supported by the top plate of the cistern C, by corks B, and by a slot not shown in the top of the brass scale housing D. Mercury transferred from the bottle on left to that on the right, leaving the dross behind. The Fortin Barometer is the most widely used, and generally most accurate of mercury barometers and while the use of mercury is still permissible, will remain the primary absolute instrument for calibration purposes and in all circumstances where a dependable, precise measurement of atmospheric pressure is required.

Controlling a Peltier Cryostat.

Setting the vernier With suitably bright background illumination, and taking care to correctly align the front and back setting edges, the vernier cursor V should be lowered until it appears on the summit of the mercury meniscus. In order to read the prevailing atmospheric pressure, the Screw W is rotated until the tip of the ivory pin S, just touches the Mercury surface. See also fiducial point; Kew barometer. The screw W is adjusted until the surface of the mercury just touches the point of the ivory pin.

A thermometer Q is located half way along the brass casing. A brass screw provides the means to raise or lower the level of mercury in the cistern to a fiducial point in the form of an ivory pointer.

Arrangement used for filling barometer with a vacuum pump. The barometer is once again mounted on its gimbal support.

skSATO – Precision Fortin Barometer

Please note that the information will not be divulged to third parties, or used without your permission. Please, subscribe or login to access all content. Restoring and Using a Fortin Barometer The Fortin Barometer is the most widely used, and generally most accurate of mercury barometers and bafometer the use of mercury is still permissible, will remain forttin primary absolute instrument for calibration purposes and in all circumstances where a dependable, precise measurement of atmospheric pressure is required.


The accuracy of the scale is important also, but can easily be checked with a cathetometer. The upper section of the the cistern consists of a wide glass tube clamped between the upper and lower cistern flanges by means of the long screws P.

The emptying of the barometer tube can be accomplished by carefully removing some mercury from the cistern using a hypodermic syringe, and then lowering the mercury level using screw W to a point just below the opening of the barometer tube T. The stopcock is then opened and the barometer pumped down for an hour.

This particular Fortin Barometer was in use in the second year laboratory until Mercury barometers baormeter a temperature coefficient of nearly 0. Arrangement used for filling barometer with a vacuum pump The evacuation is carried ount in stages: Fortin barometer in A Dictionary of Ecology.

Fortin Barometer

Fortin barometers should be used with their axis of rotation vertical – such that a setting of the mercury surface to the fiducial point remains correct after axial rotation through any angle. The instrument is nevertheless sufficiently accurate for most purposes. The cistern C has a lower brass section containing a leather bag, the capacity of which can be adjusted by the screw W. The cistern and lower section of the forin tube after removal of the barometer tube housing.

The correct sequence for measuring pressure with a Fortib or Kew Pattern barometer is:. For example, an uninsulated thermometer hanging in air near the barometer will probably be warmed much faster by the presence of the user than will the barometer – leading to temperature and hence pressure measurement errors.

There are three corrections which need to be applied for the best accuracy: For a 6mm diameter tube the capillary correction is about 0. How do I use a Fortin or Kew Pattern mercury barometer?


The brass housing is placed once again over the barometer tube and secured to the cistern with the long brass bolts. NPL maintains a wide portfolio of internationally visible research programmes that advances measurement science, underpins the SI system and supports various cross-disciplinary technologies. Schematic of Fortin barometerThe lower mercury surface in a Fortin barometer has to be set to a datum level before adjusting its vernier see schematic diagram and the accuracy of pressure measurement depends crucially upon proper setting.

The reading of a Fortin Barometer is straight-forward. Lowering the level again will admit a little more air into the barometer tube. The cistern after removal of the mercury, the barometer tube and the glass cistern tube.

The major disadvantage is the cistern and the mercury it contains require frequent cleaning to maintain the instrument’s accuracy. When the pumping period is over, the stopcock on the trap is closed and immediately the telflon tube is withdrawn carefully from the barometer.

Fortin barometer

A portable mercury barometer that was invented in by the French instrument maker Jean Nicholas Fortin — An ivory pin, S, is provided as an index visible through the cistern glass. The Barometer tube barometfr be cleaned with ffortin acid using the technique described under Restoring a Fitzroy Barometer. The wheel Y is then turned so that the lower edge of vernier V is exactly level with the top of the Mercury column M.

The pressure in the vacuum line is monitored using a Pirani gauge and should be no greater than gortin. Kew Pattern barometers should have their scale edge made vertical.

If the mercury is to be reused is should be cleaned. This, of course, is especially important in marine instruments. Correcting for temperature The barometer is designed to read correctly at 0 deg C. More Like This Show all results sharing this subject: Figure 1, The anatomy of a Fortin Barometer.

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