: Fingerstyle Funk [VHS]: Francis Rocco Prestia, Alexis At last, bass players around the world are allowed a rare, in-depth look into the style . a ton of money learning what would otherwise require dozens of private lessons. Francis Rocco Prestia tabs, chords, guitar, bass, ukulele chords, power tabs and guitar pro tabs including fingerstyle funk. A very special chance to not only witness the talents of this superb bass guitarist, but also to recieve a thirty-minute intimate lesson with the man himself. Joined.

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We also hear the response from other members of TOP including Rocco’s bass tech. Alexis is incredibly thorough, and his demonstrations with a guitarist and drummer show how this dynamic style can be applied in almost any musical situation.

Each example is presented in it’s fundamental form, then he elaborates one step at a time so you can see firsthand how a bass line for a particular groove is created. I started playing guitar when I was young.

Rocco Prestia plays Conklin basses. Is your right-hand picking two fingers or three? Arteffect Bonnie Wah Phil Feser.

Listen & view Francis Rocco Prestia’s lyrics & tabs

His brother played drums. Everybody had input, but the bottom line goes back to Mimi. Yeah, and then the second one was produced by Steve Cropper. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine.


Jeff Tamelier was the [Tower] guitarist before Bruce came back, and I used Doc; they went together a lot. Well, thank goodness for that! Santana and just a ton of bands. Well, not in the middle of it, but I was in that area, yeah. I mean, superstar bands all together in one night — that was just a common thing.

BASS LESSON: Francis Rocco Prestia Finger-style Funky Bass

It could be a horn line; it could be a vocal; could be a setup on the drums. November 1, Run Time: In recent years, Prestia underwent heart valve replacement surgery and a liver transplant, but, still on tour with T. Tedeschi Trucks Band Oscar Jordan.

When you started francie a style, unconsciously or not, was it natural that a certain technique developed, or was it something you studied? As a guitar prodigy, he Slammi Plus – This polyphonic powerhouse flawlessly transposes your pitch in two different directions Mic Gillette went to a different school, but in the same area. Was Everybody On The Bus your first solo album? NC Number of tapes: Who were your influences once you became a bass player? That was the band.


Afterwards they talk gocco how it all came together and how it was to develop the amp together with TC Electronic.

BASS LESSON: Francis Rocco Prestia Finger-style Funky Bass – video dailymotion

Starting with the fundamentals of slap technique, he elaborates one step at a time to incorporate complex damping and choking, funk patterns and vamps, “machine-gun” triplets, percussive right-hand tapping, flamenco-style strumming, double-stop riffs, scales, phrasing and much more. I like the way it feels; I like the balls, the tone. Your hands are probably just starting to uncramp. But they made the money laughs! Even to this day, those were the guys.

Contribute to this page. I came up with sounds.

Francis ‘Rocco’ Prestia – Tower of Power

That was the time for music, man — bar any place in the country. So yeah, the decision was made by then. It can cause you to mess up sometimes, but so what?