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Comfort and peace, strength and longevity, energy saving, low after-sales cost, etc. It checks the environmental settings and sends the information back to the boiler by radio, with no interference. As witness, its intuitive control panel, with all the 1 2 3 4 5 functions for controlling heating and hot water.

It is an important factor in choosing the boiler. They are all different, but with a common feature: It leads to excessive energy consumption, temperatures rising too sharply and expansion noise and it reduces the operation in condensation mode through the time taken for the controller to restore the balance. It is an important factor in choosing the boiler.

Gas Boilers Frisquet EN

Tradition 23 – 32 – 45 KW Boilers with all the qualities needed of strength, performance and reliability. All their heat is recovered, except for the latent heat that reaches the condenser. ISO certified, with CE marking, the laboratory is authorised to run its own certification tests, then validated by an independent, approved laboratory. There are no minimum flow rate or buffer volume limits, and no cooling expectations between two operating modes, DHW and heating. These feature are necessary in order to be sure of providing generous amounts of hot water.


You can observe this for yourself: There are two possible solutions for the others: An exclusive, CE-certified system solution.

At the heart of the boiler, an exclusive heating body, with outstanding reliability, durability and longevity, designed along the lines of industrial heat exchangers to run 24 hours a day for 20 years, with minimum maintenance.

Ntice of these circuits is supplied as it it were a “single-circuit heating system”. H Visio module Compact, can be placed anywhere on the installation: As required, 1 to 3 satellites may be activated: It has an unparalleled variability, from 4. To access specific settings: It combines power and performance in the most compact space: Adjustable, with a full, factory-fitted system hydrocnofort it can be adapted to suit requirements, the mixed-version PRESTIGE condensing boiler offers high quality hot water at a standard output rate of It sends the information simultaneously to all Time setting the satellites.

Calam̩o РGas Boilers Frisquet EN

They are independent of the heat exchanger. We have been designing and manufacturing gas boilers for over 70 years.

Evolution 25, 32, 45 KW The most environmentally-friendly boiler, with the best performance in low temperature boilers on the market. It is practically self-cleaning and maintains its performance over time: It applies a learning process relating to the performance of the heating zone, and determines the most suitable settings. This frisqueet flow rate provides additional comfort for 1.


This assembly gives remarkable levels of performance: Outdoor unit holding temperature sensor. From design to manufacture, every detail of our products is conceived and checked by our teams.

Solve Frisquet Hydroconfort 23 KW problem

We hhdroconfort developed the Abnormal Draft Detector. The same applies for mixed versions if the need for hot water changes, since all our boilers are designed to be connected directly to a tank. FRISQUET aims for continually increasing levels of safety, comfort and energy savings, by immediately adding the latest technical improvements to its boilers as standard, rather than optional extras.

It is self-cleaning and maintenance-free. Copper works at low temperatures, retaining its hydrovonfort and durability characteristics over time.

It gives immediate, endless hot water. Heat exchanger temperature sensor 5. Hot water temperature sensor 6. From design to manufacture, every detail of our products is conceived and checked by our teams. It becomes the engine for our commercial and technological dynamism.