Jorge Luis Borges. FUNES THE MEMORIOUS. I remember him (I have no right to utter this sacred verb, only one man on earth had that right and he is dead). Funes el Memorioso has ratings and 21 reviews. Paty said: HOW CREEPY WAS THIS!?!?!?!?!? I need to talk to someone:O Funes is so lost due to his abi. / Jorge Luis Borges read as a direct narrative of novelistic events, and also in another way. The heterogenous census of the authors whom I con-.

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Funes the Memorious – Wikipedia

He then applied this absurd principle to the other numbers. Penguin had acquired the rights to publish Labyrinths in the United Kingdom in Funes did not understand me or refused to understand me. You may also like. Andres Borbon rated it it was amazing Jun 15, This is my general grudge against short stories: Funes did not understand me, or did not wish to understand me” He noted the progress of death, of moisture.

Funes el Memorioso by Jorge Luis Borges

Borges returns to Buenos Airesthen in comes back to Fray Bentos, intending to relax and study some Latin. Es increible la manera en que delata al cerebro del ser humano y lo afortunados que somos por simplemente poder pensar. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Although the ending is not a surprise ending, I shall desist from revealing it since there is a touch of irony in it.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Inhis family funea to Switzerland where he attended school and traveled to Spain. Funes was, “let us not forget, almost incapable of general, platonic ideas.

The narrator argues that a positional fnues system is a better tool for abstraction. Do we need thinking if we are able to perceive?


He had not written it down, since anything he thought, even once, remained ineradicably with him. Di Giovanni would fumes to memoriosk on translations of Borges for E.

His original motivation, I think, was his irritation that the thirty-three Uruguayan patriots should require two figures and three words rather than a single figure, a single word. Trivia About Funes el Memorioso. His own face in the mirror, his own hands, surprised him on every occasion… Funes could continuously make out the tranquil advances of corruption, of caries, of fatigue.

But then, all our lives we postpone everything that can be postponed; perhaps we all have the certainty, deep inside, that we are immortal and that sooner or later every man will do everything, know all there is to know. My favourite passage from the story, in the Irby translation, reads as follows:. De la magia de la pluma de Borges surge este impactante cuento que narra la vida de Ireneo Funes, quien posee el poder de la memoria perfecta: In the overly replete world of Funes, there were nothing but details.

Borges spends the whole night talking boorges Funes in the dark. Funea had a synesthetic memory, similar to Solomon Shereshevski described by Luria, and both had difficulties generalizing and reasoning. Funes’s mother escorts him to a patio where the youth usually spends his dark hours.

I have no idea how many stars he saw in the sky. Sep 30, Carmenza Uribe rated it it was amazing Shelves: He could compare the setting of the clouds that he saw one day, with the veins on the cover of a Ireneo Funes, the protagonist, after an accident, was bestowed with the absolute memory and the keenest perception.

It felt to vorges that the story went nowhere. This is stated in the line “To think is to forget a difference, to generalize, to abstract. He learns that Ireneo Funes has meanwhile suffered a horseback riding accident and is now hopelessly crippled. Please memmorioso improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. At that time there were no cinematographers, no phonographs; it nevertheless strikes me as implausible, even incredible, that no one ever performed an experiment with Funes.


He was not able to generalize, he only saw borgds particulars, and he thought that each thing should have been named differently, as the dog Funes has an immediate intuition of the mane of a horse or the form of a constantly changing flame that is comparable to our normal people’s intuition of a simple geometric shape such as a triangle or square.

Borges explores a variety of topics in the text, such as the need borgse generalization and abstraction to thought and science. Memorioos a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Now his perception and his memory were perfect. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It is at this point that the saga of Funes the memorious begins.

His work was translated and published widely in the United States and in Europe.

Funes el Memorioso

Funes did not understand me, or did not wish to understand me. Plus, it is not clear, how much he was an observer and how much he identified with what he was? This ability seems more like a curse than an actual gift, as the narrator fnes. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Funes sits in a dark room and goes over the events in his past.